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Thread: Beautiful Akita in FL

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    Beautiful Akita in FL

    Wanted: Loving family in need of a life long companion. Family must need the unconditional love, entertainment, and security that only a 19 month old, handsome, male Akita with a wonderful temperament can provide. Applicants must enjoy humorous antics, constant companionship, warm feet, and sloppy kisses. This teddy bear was raised with kids, is crate trained, neutered & is up to date on all shots.
    (Ref. Required) please contact Annette @ (954) 921-1611 for pics and video or go to:
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    Why is he in need of a home?

    ~Kay, Athena, Ace, Kiara, Mufasa, & Alice!
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    His owner (who is up in NY) bought him from top show lines with the intentions of finishing and specializing him.
    Alas life can be most unpredictable.
    For the past few weeks she has embarked on a project of knocking down their home and remodeling from the ground up. So she sent him to Ocala, Florida to be shown, and also so that he could be safe and not in a boarding kennel for the duration of the construction period.
    In fact he was being shown by a handler in Florida and got a few more points.
    However, his rear is mediocre he wasn't winning as she hoped for, and since he was bought with hopes of someday breeding and starting a line to call her own she made the hard decision of not using him in her breeding program, but rather have him neutered and placed in a companion home.
    She emphesized that she wants to start breeding with the absolute perfect speciman of the breed, and rears are known to carry on and on and are very hard to breed away from.

    I would take this smoochy face in a NY minute, however I am owned by a male Akita.
    The likelyhood of them getting along is slim to none..;(

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