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Thread: Akita / Rottweiller

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    Akita / Rottweiller

    Who else here has Akita's, Rottweiller's, or a Akita/Rotty cross ? My fiance and I just got an akita/rotty cross 5 weeks ago. Her name is Jasmine and she is 13 weeks old ... we got her from the local SPCA animal shelter here in Edmonton, Alberta. Does anyone have any tips that could be useful in raising this breed ? I have always liked the 2 breeds so it's kind of ironic that I have a cross of the 2 breeds that I like the most. I realize both breeds can be head strong and independant ... there seems to be a wealth of knowledge here so your input would ne gratly appreciated. I'll get pictures as soon as I can because she's sweet lookin ... and a real character as well.

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    I wanted to say congratulations for adopting
    your puppy from the SPCA.

    After she gets all her shots, I would
    suggest taking her to puppy classes, than
    obedient classes and socializing her
    by taking her everywhere you can.
    THe more places/things she experiences the more
    comfortable she will be with the outside world.

    Hope you share her growing up with us,
    I can't wait to see pics.


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    my friends have an akita/rottie/mastiff/shepherd cross, but he looks like a little akita with floppy ears...he's so cute!

    I can't wait to see some pics! Welcome!
    I've been BOO'd!

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    The fiance and I have decidied to put her into puppy kindergarten at 15 weeks old ... upon advise by a friend of mine that raises rotty's. We start next Sunday for 6 weeks, then we are going to put her into a standard novice obedience training and then followed by a novice polishing course. We will see where she stands at that point. We are kind of enjoying watching the dog training competitions on tv and were thinking this could possibly be a future hobby that we could enjoy as a family ...

    BigScot ...
    Treat em nice and they're yours for LIFE ...

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