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Thread: I'm in a bad mood.

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    I'm in a bad mood.

    I had gotten back from the funeral this afternoon around 5:00, and as soon as I get home, Steve decides to leave and go out with friends for the evening...out on a boat or something....The 3 older kids when back over to MIL's for a few days, and we only have Elizabeth, but I was still ticked off because he just left like it was no problem....I swear, we never talk anymore and he is always doing his "fun stuff" with the buddies now....I get so sick of is 8:33 and he still isn't home....I don't even want to talk to him anyway...I needed moral support I guess when he got here, but I didn't get it..My mom even asked if I went to the funeral, and thought it was weird that I went alone....that is the first time I ever went to a funeral alone ....But that was my best friends momma why wouldn't I??? Gosh, it was so hard yall!

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    aww *hugs* it's alright. Pet the furkids and tell them about your bad day. It may sound silly, but it definately works for me. The great thing about Pettalk is that, whatever kind of day you had, people are always here for you

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    oh thats too bad, he should have your feelings in mind, it would have been nice if he took you out instead of just going out with freinds. why don't you do the same thing and go out? your kids are not home right?

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    I am sending you a big HUG!
    Sometimes men just don't think.
    I wish men thought more like us woman.


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    Tomorrow, when you're both home, sit down and calmly talk to him. He may have felt uncomfortable going with you, as the funeral was for your friend's mom, not a friend of his. Let him know how you feel, it can't hurt, right? If it's just symptomatic of how things have been lately, no time like the present to try to change things for the better, right?

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    If there's one thing I've learned, *some* guys (I would say all but I don't want to cause a stir, hehehehe ) have difficulty showing their emotions. They tend to think if they avoid the problem, it'll go away. Or sometimes they think you might not want to talk to them so they just don't talk. I'm sure his intentions are in the right place but he just doesn't know how to show he cares. I'd talk to him about it and see if this is the case.
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    Men, sheesh!

    I don't know what it is, but sometimes they can be sooo insensitive, then when you bring it up, it becomes clear that they had no idea that what they were doing was hurtful. Make sure you tell Steve that you were hurt by his lack of sympathy for you. When you attend the funeral of someone you know, even if it was someone you weren't best mates with or related to, it is going to be emotionally draining, and quite hard to deal with. The last thing you want after that type of experience is to be alone.

    I think you two really have to talk!


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    Alot of good advice here. Sometimes guys just don't know how to deal with "hysterical" women. Not that I'm saying you're hysterical or anything. But some DO have difficulties in showing emotion. And some people also feel uneasy going to funerals. Maybe that was your hubby's way of coping with it all, as insensitive as it may have been. Everyone has their own ways of coping with death and tragedy.

    I would definitely talk to him about how you feel and try to understand where he's coming from too.

    Good luck.

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    talking to him is a good idea of course. but I just don't buy the ..."oh men are not sensitive or they just don't think'...crap. if hes mature and cares about you, how can he ignore you like that? I am not meaning to insult you husband, Im sure he is a wonderful guy, but this incident, he should have seen you were upset and tried to be there for you, as another human
    being, and for sure as your husband. I just don't think that one part of a couple should "not" be there for the other. I hope things get better for you...

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