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    bad mood

    I just had to share this...last night when going to bed Slushy (tuxedo cat), like a click of a switch, got in a bad mood. Running up and down the stairs, fluffing up her tail and hissing at Dawn (the other cat).
    I tried calming her down and she didn't want any part of it....she meowed in my face (which I interrupted to be "leave me alone") and jumped away...she was in her bad mood and was going to stay there.
    So, is my spoiled baby the only one who gets the terrible two's (or teenager) attitude every now and then?

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    Well, I have seen the "all of a sudden, bushed up tail, running up and down syndrome" but I never thought of it as being in a bad mood. Just wound up, in my case. On the other hand, my Amber gets grouchy. Usually to the other cats. She likes to sit in a doorway and ambush them, with a swat of her paw.
    I was laughing at your kitty, though. What a sight that must have been.

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    Yes, a few days ago, my Otis was in a bad mood also. I do not know if it was caused by one of the other cats or what the deal was about. But by morning, he was OK. He is such a large cat that some times I think that he might hurt some of the others if he become too aggressive. Fortunately, this has not been the case


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    Re-adjusting/assuring the pecking order

    My guys do it all the time. I think of it as a bit of a reminder that they need to stay within their boundaries and order. Graemer is usually the aggressor - especially with Miley. Every now and then Miley will let Gabe have it in the face with her paw, then Gabe will grab Miley or Graemer and bite the ___ out of the other one.... It never ends. Some nights it is just constant running and fighting and playing and other nights they curl up on the bed and sleep. Still no blood drawn!

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    I guess I never interpeted this action as a bad mood, just usually something that upsets the delicately balanced apple cart. Texas is the ONLY one that ever shows signs of aggression, and usually only to Georgia. He will go after her meanly. Other times, he runs and runs and runs and reason that I can think of...

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    Sometimes it looks very much like bad mood: Example: Tigris who is a little spoiled with food tells me that he cannot eat the same food again and asks me to give him something different (smoked mouse liver pate if you ask me) (Actually he stands in front of me and meows in my face). I tell him: No this food is good for you and you'll have nothing else. He seems to understand quite well but in the next moment he wakes Filou roughly and chases him through the house......
    I know that this is a human interpretation -but I am wondering how I should call it

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