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Thread: This poor dog! I feel so bad.

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    This poor dog! I feel so bad.

    My brother's friend has a dog that is deaf, mute, has three legs, is blind and is sick. The dog is very old, and scared ( more like traumatized) if you touch him, he tries his best to run away into the corner. Poor dog! I would love to just cuddle that doggie up if I could. The owners don't want to ( they won't) but do you think it is the right thing to do to put this dog down so that he won't have to suffer anymore?
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    I would say yes, but I'm not the owner and am able to think with a clearer mind. If your emotions are involved, it's a much more difficult decision. I feel sorry for the dog too, I'm a softy and would also like to just cuddle it until it felt loved. But, my mind definitely thinks it would be best to end the poor thing's suffering. But, I also think that humans should have that option, but, of course we don't. Oh of these days maybe we'll figure it all out.

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