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Thread: Ping Pong & Sebago

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    Ping Pong & Sebago

    Oh I squealed when you two precious pups came onto my monitor this morning!! How totally attentive you are to whoever it is that has captured your eyes! You truly are a magnificent pair and I loved reading all about you. Ping Pong I can just hear the snorts now! Sebago I am so happy you were able to find such a loving second family after having to part with your first human. Looks like you got yourself a built-in sister too! Have a wonderful day you sweeties because you are Sunday's extra special Dogs of the Day!

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    Cute, cute, cute! It was so nice meeting you two, Ping Pong and Sebago. You make a perfect pair

    Congrats, you two. I hope you enjoy this special day

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    Look out world, here is a duo of delights! I'd love to hang out with both your silly sweet selves. Congratulations on being Dogs of the Day and on having a loving caring family - especially a family that you can wrap around your paw with just a look! You're a wonderful pair and you gave me great smiles for today!

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    What a wonderful sister team we are graced with today! Just look at those sweet, kissable faces!!! Pogo, Sebago, you are two VERY precious pups I love the way your family describes you as the "brains and brawn" team They surely are doubly blessed to have two such loving, loyal, playful and BEAUTIFUL girls to lavish their love upon. Congratulations to Ping Pong and Sebago, our most beautiful, fun-loving, sweet as can be, "best buds" sister-team Dogs of the Day! Ping Pong, Sebago, have the BEST day as you celebrate your great honor!

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    Oh how wonderful that you two sisters get along so well. That in and of itself is reason for the two of you to be Dogs of the Day, but thanks to your folks we now know just what dear girls you are each in your own right. Sebago, I am so happy your $urgery went well and that you are able to enjoy running and playing in that nice big yard again and PingPong, I know you helped your dear sister during that Long period of recovery. So today is a day to celebrate having wonderful folks who love you, a good home, medical care, sisterly love and the high honor of being Dogs of the Day. Congratulations to two sweethearts.

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    What cute pups you are, Congradulations for being the cutest, sweetest, most friendly Very Best Dogs of the Day.

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    You are two cute sister pups! How lucky you are to have each other to play with and keep company.
    Hope you had a great Sunday as Dogs of the Day and got spoiled a bit!

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    Ping Pong & Sebago,
    What a perfect pair of Puppsters to share a
    life with !!! Congratulations on being
    duely honored as DOGS OF THE DAY !!!Thanks
    to your loving family for giving us a peek
    into the daily lifes of such Sweet & Beautiful 'Sisters'.I am so very happy to
    have met Both of you !!!
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    The only thing better than having a beautiful Dog of the Day to brighten the morning, is to have two!!! I didn't see you until tonight, Ping Pong and Sebago, but it was worth the wait!! Congratulations!!

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