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    Ping and Pong

    What a sad story to hear what happened to you !
    But i dont understand wanting to get 3 more ducks-just incase something happens again? Can you build them a enclosure so you can be sure NOTHING happens and be sure they are protected?
    They seemed to be very special to you-and they were beautiful but i think they need protection.

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    Ping and Pong

    Hello, my friend.
    I'm sorry about the loss of your ducks. I LOVE ducks. I have to agree with Mydd, though, about building a decent enclosure. I'm not well now but when I was well, I could have built something to keep anything but a bear out of that pen and if I tried really hard, and had the funds, I could have bear-proofed it, too. If I were you, I don't think I'd ever get any more ducks unless you intend to better protect them from the harms that be. I don't want to seem harsh but I'm just saying what's on my heart. Getting MORE ducks than before just in case something happens again (and if it happened once, it most surely WILL happen again) seems like "false economy". It's as if you're concerned about them but then again, not. Please, I know you're probably angry with me by now but I love animals and hate to see them hurt like your ducks. Please build a predator-proof enclosure if you plan to get more ducks. They're too sweet to take a chance on it happening again. Instead of losing two ducks the next time, it may just be all three...
    May the Lord bless and keep you and your loved ones.
    Jim Grayson
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    Darling Ping and Pong, I'm sorry you had to leave your guardians so soon. They miss you terribly, but the two of you are reunited in Ducky Heaven. I had a duck (Jerusha) that I hatched in an incubator and it was so cute how she followed me everywhere because I was the first moving lifeform so she bonded to me as her Mother. Ducks are very special and you two were no exception. Happy POTD at Rainbow Bridge, dear Ping and Pong.

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    I am sorry Ping and Pong died. However, I dont think getting more ducks to be killed (which will probably happen) is the answer for your sadness.... not unless you can protect them better than the first ones. Yes, Ducks are very cute but speaking for myself I would not get any more until and unless I was sure I could keep them safe.

    Keeping pets safe is the least of what we should do. For instance, I have three pet goats and believe me, they are safe. I know there are dogs, foxes, and coyotes that would love to hurt them so I prepared before I got them. I hired fence people to put in a 6 foot high fence (not barbed wire where animals can get under) but wired fencing 2"x4" and heavy round posts and in 13 yrs nothing has gotten in or out.

    I have a pond where ducks could swim (yet I know ducks do not stay in pond ALL the time) and I also know that there are dogs, foxes, and coyotes that would love to eat ducks... and I cannot protect against that so I do not have ducks although I would like to have some. Again, I'm sorry your ducks died but more than likely any future ducks will disappear also if you have the same conditions as the first ones. Kay in NC

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    To the family of Ping and Pongy,

    I'm so, so very sorry for your great loss.( What precious ducklings Ping and Pong were, and what beautiful adults they grew up to be, bringing so much joy to your lives, and to each other. How loved they were by you and their "daddy," Tim. Anyone who would build such deluxe digs, complete with wading pool, clearly loved them dearly and wanted nothing but the best for them, to keep them safe. My heart breaks knowing your sweet friends are no longer with you, but hopefully you can figure some way to keep your new babies safe so that no more hearts need be broken, human or feathered. It does sound as though Ping's heart was broken after the loss of her dear friend, but I hope knowing they're together now, playing and paddling away happily at the Rainbow Bridge, brings you some comfort, along with seeing your two precious girls honored here today. They truly were very special creatures, and so deserving of being named our extra special Sunday honorees. Bless you sweet Ping and Pong. Wait patiently for your parents at the Bridge, until that very happy day of reunion.

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