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Thread: Anybody have budgies??

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    Anybody have budgies??

    Do you have budgies??? I do me and my sister (Tweety_pie) have 2 budgies we got the first one (tweety) from a friend who dident want her and today we got another one he doesnt have a name yet. He is a male hand-tamed budgie and he is white and very very light turqoise. If you have a budgie feeol free to post pictures of them I would love to see them!!
    R.I.P Rex
    - _HeAtHer_-

    Thanks MANDAMOO!!!!

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    I don't have any budgies I'm not sure who here owns one The only member I can think of is Tikeyas_mom
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    When I was younger I had 4. Two females, Sunny & Emily, and two males, Blueberry & Doogie, but they are all at the RB now I know I have pics of them somewhere, but I'd really have to hunt for them. They were the sweetest birdies May we see photos of yours??

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    No budgies but I have two cockatiels! You can see them in my sig.

    Ps. Congrats on your new birdie!

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    congrats on the new family member!

    No budgies here either, but i have a black headed caique!

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    If you want you can post any of your birds I would love to see them all!! and I will eventually put pictures of our 2 budgies and chameleon.
    R.I.P Rex
    - _HeAtHer_-

    Thanks MANDAMOO!!!!

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    yes i have

    have had budgies in my life since i can remember, my sister used to breed them, did u read my thread about my two pet budgies i taught to talk scottish dialect, try teaching them, its amazing when they talk, they are so clear, i think clearer than big parrots, enjoy your tweety birds,
    Have fun at the Rainbow Bridge,Zara,Rusty, Juliette ,Romeo,sweet Tessa,wee stray and Harvey you all will never be forgotten.

    Furangels only lent.
    RIP my gorgeous Sooti, taken from us far too young, we miss your beautiful face and purssonality,take care of Ash for us, love you xx000

    RIP my beautiful Ash,your pawprints are forever in my heart, love and miss you so much my big boy. (very special thanks to Alysser for my cute siggy)

    RIP my sweet gorgeous girl Ellie-Mae, a little battler to the end, you will never ever be forgotten, your little soul is forever in my heart, my thoughts, my memories, my love for you will never die, Love you my darling little precious girl.

    RIP lil Benson the Hedgehog, came in to our lives suddenly and for a short time ,but you were loved and cared for and missed.

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    i have a budgie. i used to have anothewr but she died. . i have a yellow-faced blue female budgie. her name is popcorn. she will be 2 1/2 years old on june 1st. i throw her a little b-day party every year. i am going to get another,but i have to wait till my tiel gets used to her. lol its slowly but shurly
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    Hey Thank you for posting! do you really throw a little party for you budgie?? thats a very cute idea! I think I will throw a party for tweety (the budgie) for her birthday because her birthday is coming up very soon! and Dexter (my other budgie) I will have to wait until next year for him because we just got him last Friday!! He is a hand tamed male budgie..he is white and baby blue!! I also just got a chameleon his name is rex for now until i find a different name
    R.I.P Rex
    - _HeAtHer_-

    Thanks MANDAMOO!!!!

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    So you got your chameleon? Congrats! I love those little guys! Post pics of "Rex" soon

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    I have one male blue, grey and black budgie. His name is Spanky, he lives in a HUGE parrot cage with his best friend Cheeko.

    here is a pic of my baby Spanky boy :

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    Spanky is a very cute budgie! Tweety and Dexter (mine and Tweety_pie's budgies live in seperate cages. But they are both pretty big
    R.I.P Rex
    - _HeAtHer_-

    Thanks MANDAMOO!!!!

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    that is my fav pic of spanky, TM!

    GCG.... you can see my babies web site here:

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