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Thread: Very anxious and noisy chihuaha

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    Here's a pic of cookie =)

    I kinda made a collage out of some of the pics I took of her. She's doing a bit better now, doesnt whine or scratch the door much at all =) She's still very suspicious and scared of strangers, but I guess that might be the chihuaha in her, as well as something in her past. Thanks again for all the help
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    What a cutie pie! So glad you stuck with it, and it sounds like you've made sooo much progress with each other! We look forward to many happy years together with you!

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    Rambunctious, rumbustious, delinquent dogs become angelic when sitting - Ian Dunbar


    Oh! She is adorable! My sister adopted a beagle/chi mix and shes the smartest little thing Ive ever seen. Chihuaha's can definately be stubborn, sometimes slightly bratty but as far as I've heard, once you win their trust & love they are absolute dolls and very intellegent. I really really suggest that you crate train her, too. It seems like a crate would be a wonderful place for the shy type of dog, since, if properly trained, dogs think of their crates as their little homes or dens. Crate training would fix the destruction problem too. I'm sure she'll start doing great as soon as she begins to realize that when you're leaving you aren't abandoning her - this is usually an issue with pound puppies. Good luck with your cute little girl!
    Archie <3

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