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Thread: Noisy kids/noisy neighbors

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    Noisy kids/noisy neighbors

    The family in the house next to the one where I live has two girls, 11 and 7 years old. Doesn't sound too bad, but I never met kids before in my life that can make so much noise!! Especially the summer time is bad when I have to keep the windows tilted (we don't have a/c here). They scream, they yell, they squeal, and they're scolding their poor little dog all the time, and yell at him. The younger one has an extreme high-pitched voice that makes your blood freeze, and the older one always talks in a very commanding tone. Unfortunately, they're playing in their garden all day.

    For me, stressed as I usually am, it's hard to find any peace here at home. This Sunday afternoon for instance I eventually gave up reading my book because it was simply impossible to pay any attention to the story. It's so frustrating!! I know that they're kids and that some kids are like that; I also know that you don't have the right to complain about loud kids - and I won't. But what about me? I'm working 40 hours a week or more, I'm suffering from several chronical illnesses and need the spare time I have for myself to relax and recover! Don't I have the right to find some peace in my very home? I cannot deny that sometimes I'm getting utterly upset with this!

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    That's a touchy subject for sure.

    Do you know or speak with the parents at all? Perhaps you could bring it to their attention - perhaps they don't know it's an annoyance to you since you don't have any kids of your own. Explain your situation and the need for some peace and quiet. Not saying they should keep the kids inside, but maybe they could tone it down a bit??? Hopefully the parents would be sympathetic to your issue about the noise.

    Yes - kids will be noisy, but they should be taught to respect others too. The world doesn't revolve around just them!
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    Offer to pay for them to go to the movies!

    Or maybe you could put headphones on, and listen to music..... or play your music so loudly that they can hear it! (Not a good idea!) Gosh. I know what you mean. There is a fine line between tolerating noise and being extremely irritated by it, to the point of distraction!

    Sending them to the movies sounds like the best bet!

    Maybe you will have to resort to going to a private park.


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    There is a fine line between tolerating noise and being extremely irritated by it, to the point of distraction!
    Exactly! Education these days often tolerates reckless behavior, you can see that everywhere. I'm not sure if it would help to talk to the parents. They're not very talkative when I see them in the street, are more of the phlegmatic kind. However, they're not like that when it comes to their dog! That poor creature is not allowed to walk a single step without being told off, that's another thing that's bugging me a lot.

    I find some comfort in the thought that winter's approaching, they should be more indoors then. At least it has been like that during the past years. They're living there for maybe 5 years now, and every summer, it's been the same. Today's one of the days where it has gotten me to the point of feeling somewhat aggressive because I badly wanted some peace and quiet to read my book. Before they moved in, there was another family with kids. Of course you could also hear them playing when they were in the garden, but it's never been this bad!

    Oh, and btw, there's a young man living in a small flat in their house, and I'm sometimes talking his mother. From her I know that he is also upset with their noise. But he's moving out now 'cause he found a job in another town.


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    Kristen, I can empathise. Where I used to live I was surrounded by noise of a similar kind. I used to dread the summer holidays. Luckily where I live now although there are a couple of families with children living close by and they can be loud and noisy at times it is of different kind, not that screechy yelling over the top stuff. In fact I often find myself smiling hearing them laughting and playing.

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    In fact I often find myself smiling hearing them laughting and playing.
    There's nothing wrong with "normal" kids play and laughing... it can even be heartwarming. However, the sounds my neighbor kids make just hurt my ears!


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    Kirsten, you have my sympathy. I was dealing with an upstairs family with a three year old boy - when he wasn't running back and forth, he was driving his little car with plasic wheels on. The corridor is 10 meters long, so you can imagine the noise. I had spoken to the family about it three times and I was about to send a letter to complain when they suddenly moved out.

    A few months of peace and quiet. Ahh!

    I now have six people in their 20ties living there. They're atcually nice, but they do walk very heavy on the floor and have no carpet on. Such is life when you can't afford to buy your own house.

    Kirsten, what we need is a holiday on a quiet Island in Carribean!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirsten View Post
    There's nothing wrong with "normal" kids play and laughing... it can even be heartwarming. However, the sounds my neighbor kids make just hurt my ears!

    Exactly, that's why I appreciate the change so much after years and years and years of having to put up with the same noises you have to now. It was only wintertime that brought some semblance of peace. Although the dark evenings brought an uneasiness when the teenagers would congregate in the space at the front of the house... it could be downright scary at times.

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    I'm sorry to hear this but I can also relate. I live in a condo on the second floor and each building is 3 floors so I'm in between floors. I've had to deal with very noisy adults for many years. The couple who live above me walk very heavy and even though they don't have children they do have a lot of relatives that come over and they let the children run wild and scream etc. This also usually happens during the summer.

    I know that some times my cats will make some noise but it's nothing compared to screaming kids or very loud adults. I wish that I at least lived in a townhouse so I wouldn't have any one above me or below me. I hope that you'll be able to have some peace and quiet soon. Good luck.
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    It's worth writing a note to the parents, as gently as possible. Don't say "the noise bothers ME, illnesses, etc," say the noise is bothersome to several of the residents. Explain you don't mind kids making noise, but keeping it to a dull roar would be much appreciated. I once explained to a neighbor child that she should save her loudest screams for real emergencies, because we were getting so used to hearing it that if something ever WAS wrong, we'd just figure it was nothing. That made her think, anyway - and now she's a new teenager, so is trying to be "cooler" than that anyway!
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    Times have changed, and not for the better, I'm afraid.

    Back in the '60's noise of that kind would not have been tolerated by us neighborhood kids.

    I grew up on a block of terraces, and if we made any noise during the old lady next door's 2-4pm nap, we were toast.

    Back then, we all got beaten (spanked) and it wasn't just by our own parents, neighbors could hit you too.

    Point is, kids CAN control themselves. The parents just have to make it unacceptable behavior.

    Now, I live in a stand-alone home, but the house next door is a short term vacation rental. Some loud groups come in for the week or two. (German visitors are some of the loudest ) And some of the time the house is vacant.
    I say I'll take this arrangement over full-time bad neighbors any day.

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    People these days seem to think as long as the kids are out of the house and out of their hair, everything is FINE! We had one family here that she put them out in the morning and never checked on them all day, then between 4 to 5 pm, she walked the neighborhood yelling as loud as she could for them. In the time between the time she put them out, then went to find them, they did anything they wanted which included stitting or standing on neighbors cars. Going on the proches of people that were not at home. Playing "throw the ball over the power lines", throwing their puppy up in the air until we threated to call the law about that, dragging that puppy around the neighborhood on a leash.. We were SO glad when they moved!

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    If you have a stereo, find either the most obnoxious or the most classical album you have and blast it for a good .5 hour

    Try it when the kids get loud....If the parents are paying attention, the noise will stop.

    There was a group that rented next door to the house and they played RAP and Oldies all the time. A few Saturdays of Classic Rock got that problem solved.


    Currently that house, which sits on the corner and has an "L" shape to it has a woman who plays music and screams loudly WHOOOOOOOOO, every 10-15 minutes. She lives on the far leg of the house=it's a duplex, but I can hear her loud and clear.

    I thought she was getting raped or something until I figured it out.


    I lived in an apartment building in the ground floor and for the last 5-6 months I lived there a newly wed couple had the unit above.

    I could not look at the gal when I saw her in the garage because I would start to laugh.

    Was it her workout with aerobics? Nope.
    Was it her early morning prep to go to work? Nope.
    Was it her walking about the apartment during the day?


    It was the screaming banshee she became during the "special moments" with her husband. There was another apartment building next door and that building made noise echo back and forth.

    It was interesting and I thought it was nice that she was a religious person during that time.

    She was always calling out to "god". I never knew prayer could be so intense?

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    We moved out to an acreage outside of Calgary to get away from all the city crap.

    Now, we can have all the windows open, or be outside and the silence is almost scary. Being outside, pulling weeds and there is NOT ANOTHER SOUND AT ALL. Just the wind, birds, etc.

    If you need a break from it all you're welcome to come enjoy!
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