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Thread: max--our senior dog

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    max--our senior dog

    I did a small album (only 3 pics) of my parents' dog Max. He is so wonderful. He's 14 and a half, and still has his "puppy" times as the vet calls them--but mostly he just sleeps. He's the dog that's been in my family the longest, I grew up with him.

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    Max is a Beautiful dog. Senior dogs are so Special
    They carry a world of wisdom in their eyes.Please give
    him a hug from me.
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    What a beautiful, beautiful boy you are dear Max! I agree with Liz...nothing tugs at the heart strings than the sight of a beautiful, noble "seasoned" citizen! What love shines from those eyes! I hope you had a very happy Christmas, sweet Max! And I wish for you many, many more! Sandra, Cody and Star

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

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    I love this picture!!

    He looks like an old softie, the exact kind of dog that I hope Malone will be one day. (I say that as he is being extrememly Nawtee tonight getting into ALL kinds of mischief) Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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    That's exactly what he is--an old softie!! He doesn't like me much anymore, because when I come, I bring the 2 dogs along, and they want to play with him, but he shakes and growls at them. He usually goes outside (he loves the snow) or sleeps in my dads room when we're there. If he wants to be out with everyone though, I put my dogs away--it is his house after all

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    he looks like such a sweetheart! thanks for sharing the pics of your cute little max

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    What a sweetie!! Thanks for sharing. He reminds me of our Dudly even though Dudley is only 11 and has demodectic mange...they sound like very similar personalities. Max is great...give him a hug from the Kendalls too.

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