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Thread: My Senior Cat

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    My Senior Cat

    I am trying to attach a photo of my elderly cat, Patty. Will have to get some expert advice if this doesn't work. Or - - I could just give a very detailed description.

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    she's beautiful!
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    what a great pic! was that professionally done?
    I love my furkid Neko!

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    It worked, she's beautiful. Very regal looking.

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    It is a professional photo. I wouldn't recommend hauling your kitties off to the photographer. Better to have a good camera and do it yourself. Patty had sensory overload and it was really difficult to keep her focused on posing.

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    I can imagine, especially with an older kitty, that the trip would be tough. Now that most of us have such good digital cameras, all we would need is a backdrop (easily made with a piece of cardboard and a bedsheet) and we could have some lovely kitty pix - oh wait, this is CATS we're talking about - what makes me think they would pose nice?
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    That is a lovely picture!

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    SHe is very pretty ... thanks for sharing!
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    What a lovely lady!

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    She's pretty. How old is she?

  11. WOW!!! What a kitty....regal describes her perfectly and fabulous photo....WOW!!!

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    Wow !!!!!! Gorgeous cat ! I especially love her ears ; are like the ears of an owl !

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