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There was no broken glass, the jar was intact. The picture is completely apropos.

However, she's stinky enough, we don't need to know what strawberry jam would do internally....
A slice of bread, with peanut butter and let peristalsis take it's course?


I have told this story before but it involves a petroleum based jelly.

I used to ride a motorcycle as a main means of transportation and during the late part of the year in El Lay the Santa Ana winds blow and dry up the air something fierce.

That - and riding about - really dries out your skin. So, I bought a huge jar of Vaseline and when i got home, I'd put some on my face, hands and forearms.

I took the jar out and left it on the lower shelf of the coffee table overnight. I went to work the next day and when I got home I found a half a jar of Vaseline - from a nearly brand new package.

Well, I packed the dog up into his duffel bag and rode over to the Vet's office.

I explained "my" problem and was told that I would have a nicely lubed dog. Jessie was a Lhasa so she needed to
have her rear trimmed and we went home with a recipe of Chicken and Rice.

I went to work on the third day and when I came home the dog had pooped a viscous brown trail all across the dining area. \

Thank god the house was due for demo - the landlords had let me rent the place until it was to be destroyed........

But........I still had to try and clean up something like the Exxon Valdez leak from a shag rug.

It was fun, the dog needed to be cleaned up for a week afterwards and I learned that Chicken and Rice can and will tighten up any 'loose ends' you may encounter......


Wow, that made me thirsty......

Another round?