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Hear this all the time & wonder if people really believe what they are saying.A USA military could take down whole other Nations within days will be held in check by a group
of wannabe Rambos with their trusty "firearms". It's laughable. Evidently, repeating this phrase in every discussion about gun control, somehow makes them feel invincible.
The Viet Cong wore us down even though the USA had the superior fighting force. The Afghans wore down the Soviets, even though the Soviets had the superior fighting force.

What you arent taking into account is the ordinary armed citizen in the USA who arent the "Rambo" type. Rambo did not exist during the Revolutionary War, ordinary citizens did. The writers of the Second Amendment were ordinary citizens and they toppled the British control of the Americas.

An individual, as you term "Rambo" would do nothing against a tyrannical government, but as a group armed citizens can keep government in check if the will and means is there. You seem to want to take the means away.

Back in the 80s a Russian warship docked in Anchorage, a local was able to ask the captain how the Soviet Union would do in a land invasion of the USA. The captain wasnt concerned about the US military but as to how well armed the citizens are.

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How come, say for instance Canada, England, Germany, Denmark, countries with strong gun-control laws, are not tyrannical dictatorships?

And why are these countries not overrun with gun violence, gun crimes, gun deaths? After all, the bad guys can always get guns, but the good guys can't. How come bad guys aren't going around shooting up schools, theaters, malls, churches all the time in those places?
None of the countries you listed are Democratic Republics, so you are comparing apples to oranges. I would call all of the countries you named as overbearing governments with very little interest in privacy, England is a prime example of lack of individual privacy.

I think Ladys Human covered Switzerland,

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Yes Liz, all these wannabe Rambo types really are laughable, but also frightening - you never know when something ticks them off and they go beserk. It has happened again and again and will propbably continue.
The Rambo wannabe's arent the ones shooting up the "Gun Free Zones". Its the criminals, the unhinged, and the suicidal's. Like you point out below they dont need a fire arm.

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In Denmark, ordinary citizens are not allowed to have guns. Some morons do go around with knives, though, but this was not common just a few decades ago. A law was implemented a few years ago... you're not allowed to go around in public with knives longer than 7 cm. See below:

"In public places, colleges, youth clubs, leisure facilities and the like, it is prohibited to carry a knife or dagger, except as part of a profession, for hunting, fishing or sport or another similar creditable purpose. The ban does not include folding knives with blades of more than 7 cm, which can not be locked in the unfolded position. "
So banning firearms does not keep someone intending to kill from killing. A man in China recently tried to kill a number of children with his car.

Final thought, where have the most recent, the last 20 years, mass shootings taken pace in the USA?