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I've just been listening and taking it all in. Don't even have a suggestion that's different. I do have a question about what MOFF said. I can't find that post.

I do know that mental illness is misunderstood and overlooked. And is hidden a lot of the times. My mother always said it was the quiet ones that were scariest. I've always taken that advice to heart.

I know this won't leave this forum: In the wake of the latest mass murders, a boy at our school was expelled. Apparently he was in possession (trunk of his car) of many types of weapons. We are rural and hunting and gun ownership is a cherished right. Was this bad judgment? I pointed out that even if he intended no harm, it was known that he had the weapons and someone that intended harm could have used them. Someone knew he had them and turned him in that Friday. Fortunately many people knew he had them so hopefully he won't know who turned him in. I've related what was in the news, so I am violating no confidences.

That being said, even my ultra conservative brother thinks that the 2nd amendment is overrated. It wasn't intended for these times and that the average person has no need for an arsenal, let alone any assault weapons. I agree.

I do understand some people's fear of a gov't that has no respect for the people. I think they are a little bit crazy, but it is so easy for things to get tilted the wrong way. A well regulated militia? The armed forces? Or private militia's? Any way, I do think there needs to be some way of regulating access to weapons and types of weapons allowed. Some weapons just make it too easy to kill and you can't take it back at all after that.

After all, there are regulations and requirements to drive a car, perform in many occupations like medicine, education, construction, etc. Why do we not have betters checks and balances for guns?

If this idiot did so, he should pay the price, also, why should people fear retribution if they are doing the right thing?

Idiots get to drive, become doctors, teachers and construction workers.

When you crack the secrets of the mind - check the internet for examples of stupidity and then we will make progress.