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A gun when used correctly doesn't kill.

A gun can be used to deter violence, put food on the table, punch holes in paper, there are many uses for them.

It very simply comes down to differing views of individual freedoms and rights. People who are for gun control and banning them will just never understand those of us who oppose those measures, and vice versa.

People will use many, many things to kill, a firearm just makes more headlines when it happens. More people are killed during their morning commute by accidents, yet no one wants to ban automobiles.

As to the licensing issue, license requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and mental illness CANNOT be considered for legal reasons.
A gun deters violence - if it does so, by the threat to kill.

I don't go to the movies that often but I have yet to see the need to use a gun to get a box of popcorn.

Guns exist to kill. No other reason. You can try and whitewash it with target practice, detering violence, making holes in paper - doesn't change the fact a gun is designed to kill. That is all just - to use a term - strawman stuff.

Table saw, automobiles, knives...all have a purpose other than to kill. Or threaten death.

You want a gun in your house - that is your problem...you want to hunt wild animals...okay.

But when you bring your gun into my space - the movie theater, grade school, bar, shopping mall, Texas A&M....I have a problem.

You know what really scares me???....George Zimmerman and the people who defend him. Wannabe who has a gun and decides he knows better than the police - stalks someone for having the termity to wear a hoodie in the rain and shots him. And claims "stand your ground." So now I have to worry that if I am wearing clothing that someone finds offensive that person they can shot me....for walking while wearing offensive clothing!