Hi guys im new to the site an looking for some advice because i cant seem to find any info relating to this any where. Basically my 2 year old, black short haired cat, (Tifa who we have had from being a kitten) used to be an inside kitty when she was younger but for the past year she has been staying out a lot of the time. of course she still get fed as regularly as usual and she rarely comes in the house even when we leave the door open. she has always been nice natured, although timid, if she learnt to trust you she was the nicest cat ever. Unfortunately she went missing for about 3-5 days and i got very worried, we put her favourite food out for her and went looking for ages but couldnt find her. until i was at my front door at night and she came running over the fence with 2 new collars on. she had obviously been taken,(possibly taken in) by someone else We have bought countless collars for her and she always finds a way to take them off, so for the past 2 weeks she hasnt had one on. she has always been a very slim cat no matter how much we feed her ( we always give her 3 pouches of good quality wet food a day and her dry food bowl and water bowl is always full.) We managed to get her inside but ever since then she has been aggresive to her son (Shere Khan) and toward me and my girlfriend whenever we pick her up or sit her on our laps she doesnt resist but she growls constantly and then that turns into a meow. we are very worried because she seem like she has changed drastically. (and YES it is definately the same cat.)