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Thread: Babs was introduced to the neighborhood last night

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    Babs was introduced to the neighborhood last night

    Okay, this dog has somewhat redeemed herself.

    Last night my neighborhood held it's annual ice cream social, and we decided to bring Babs with us. Keep in mind...Babs was spayed last Friday [she broke her cone yesterday, ugh].

    But she was absolutely PERFECT! She didn't bark at anything or jump on anyone! And aww, she was soooo good with the little kids! We had probably 20 kids under the age of 7 come up and ask to pet Babs. She just sat there and licked their hands, it was adorable! One girl even stuck her fingers into Babs' mouth [she was probably 2] and Babs just stuck her tongue out, hehe. It was the cutest thing ever, seeing the little kids get so excited about touching Babs' ears [one little girl called her a "limo dog" haha]

    Everyone was impressed about how laidback she was once they found out she was only 6 months old. She was a little angel

    She also made quite a few canine friends, and she was wonderful with them, too! After dealing with Sadie for so long, it's nice to have a dog that can socialize with others hahah.

    Here she is with my mom [lookit how BIG she is!]

    And one of her and I [lol I don't know why I'm looking at her so intently]

    I'll be honest and say that I DON'T like this dog very much...but I'm much happier with her after last night, haha. Now if we could only get her house trained...

    Just for good are some of Babs and Sadie a couple weeks ago [bath day!]

    (she's not the most graceful haha)

    (6 months after tearing her ACL/Meniscus and 3 months after surgery to repair it, Sadie's leg is all healed up! YAY!)
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    She's adorable, and I am so glad she was good with all the neighborhood children, too! Give her a bellyrub for me, okay?
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    Wow she is big! How old is she now? She is a beautiful little girl.
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    Aww, Babs! You were good with the kids-- that's awesome! You are just so adorable!

    And Sadie, how wonderful to see you moving well after your injury and surgery!
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    Babs is so darn cute!!! Good to hear Sadie is doing well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by luvofallhorses View Post
    Wow she is big! How old is she now? She is a beautiful little girl.
    She's a little over 6 months - I can't believe it! The first time my sister brought her over, she was just about 6 weeks and looked like this:

    She's grown up SOSO fast!

    Thanks guys, Sadie is doing fantastic! Her fur is almost normal length on that leg again and she's finally stopped limping after a run. She and Babs were outside earlier today...Babs can *almost* keep up with Sadie, haha. Sadie does like to herd Babs around can definitely see her Border Collie coming through hehe
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