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Thread: Help! Introduced New Cat!

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    Help! Introduced New Cat!

    Hi, I am new to this site. I have had a female cat for a year. We brought a male into the house last night. Two different personalities but I am hopeful. The resident cat is not happy, hissing which I know is normal. How long should I give her to be OK with the new cat. He is mellow and just wants to be friends. Can anyone give a suggestion?


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    Congratulations on your new cat.

    First you should keep the 2 separate, especially when you can't monitor their interactions.

    If the new male is mellow, I have no doubts that he will win the resident female over. Females are a little more stubborn about accepting new-comers than males are.

    As for a time frame, please don't think all cats will get friendly in the same amount of time. I have seen instant like......I have seen months pass before the cats co-exist. But I'd say your average would be 1 to 3 weeks.

    We'd love to see and hear more about your kitties.

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    I agree completely with what jenluchenbach said. You could try putting them both in cat carriers facing each other so that they can get used to each others looks and smell but can't hurt each other. It will take time for them to become friends

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    Hello, myjett.
    I am also new to the sight and thought I'd tell you what worked for me. After any new arrival passed all vet tests and was neutered/spayed, we lightly rub a tiny bit of "Far and Away" body powder on everyone, both new arrival and the established herd. Then new arrival gets to stay in a spare bedroom (my toy room actually) with food, water, litterbox, attention and everyone gets to sniff everyone else thru the bottom of the door. Paws go back and forth, sometimes even toy mice have been exchanged. I guess what I'm saying is everyone smells like everyone else. One or two days of seperation worked for mine. You know your guys, whos more friendly, whos more laid back. Whos looking for a sidekick, know what I mean? I guess my herd usually had the advantage of seeing new ones thru the back door for a while before meeting nose to nose too.
    Good Luck
    Bruce & Penny
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    New cat

    When I brought Cole home from the vet(had him neutered and checked before he came here), Oscar had been here almost a year.

    I had set up a separate room for Cole in the bathroom - litter, food, a towel rolled up and curved around like a cat bed.

    As bcboat says, they get to sniff thru the door a bit...I would open the door, and stand between them, but not in their line of sight. They would sniff noses; and because Oscar was so bonded to me, my reassurances to him helped a lot!

    It was several days before I let them both wander while I was home...and when that was okay, I left them alone one afternoon while I was at work.

    They had the traditional 'snarl-hiss-swat' exchange - it's a cat thing!

    A week after Cole's arrival, they were galloping down the hall playing!

    Let us know how it goes!


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