Bella my 4 yr old cat has just started pooping and peeing on my son's bed. It happend for the first time about a week ago. Washed all the linens, nothing went thru to the mattress. At that point, we weren't sure which cat it was. We have a newer addition Semper who is 13 months old (we've had him a year). Then 2 days ago, we discovered poop and pee on my son's bed. This was happening when he slept in my bed and we left his door open. This time it did soil the mattress so after vigorous cleaning with Simple Solution extreme Cat cleaner, my son gets in bed tonight and Bella hops up on the bed and poops right in front of him!! What is going on. Now mind you, Bella is not anybody's "cat" in this house. She answers to no one, doesn't care for humans too much, will bite you in a heartbeat. Basically just feed her and clean her litter box and leave her alone. I am lost. I can't imagine her being "upset" with anyone in the house and she is very much a loner. Nothing has changed recently either. Except my daughter's boyfriend coming over alot. But Bella isn't pooping on her bed.