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Thread: Cat's rear end smells like urine

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    Cat's rear end smells like urine

    I don't know what to do anymore. My cat's behind smells terrible. It's almost a rotten pee smell. It got so bad 2 weeks ago the whole room would smell if she came in it. If she sits on the couch, the couch smells like it. I had bathed her twice, then finally took her to the vet. Which was a total horrible experience.
    But what she told me was my obese cat is getting urine trapped in the folds of the vagina area and its infecting the skin and gave me medicated wipes and an antibiotic. And neither have helped. The cat still smells and her rear end is raw from what i'm guessing is urine scald.

    Does anyone know what I can do? Is there a shampoo to help, or can I use a medicated powder to absorb the wetness? She's too big to clean herself there.

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    I would call the vet back and let them know that the wipes didn't help.

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    Poor kitty, no suggestions, but I wanted to add my sympathies, and of course bring up the dreaded d-word (d i e t) for the future. I would call the vet again, and ask if there's not only something you could do for the smell, but any sort of cream for her poor bottom, like diaper rash cream or the like.
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    Yes, I agree with the advice you have, phone back the vet and ask for more help.

    Ooh, that "D" word, lol. I have one obese cat on a diet now, and she is NOT happy! I have to shave the areas she can't reach as the fur all mats up.

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    Poor kitty... I hope you call the vet back to see if there is anything else you can use. The diaper rash cream would be a nice soothing sensation for her, I hope it's allowed. I bet she's not too happy with the wet wipes either... I can just imagine trying that on one of my guys. Best of luck to you on that part!
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    First of All = Welcome to Pet Talk & Enjoy.. We would love to see your baby..

    Second of All = Yes for sure call the Vet back & or take your baby to a different Vet.. I would ask if you could use Diaper Rash Cream too.. I sure hope you get some good positive working response from a Vet soon for your poor baby.. I am sure she is uncomfortable.. Good Luck & Keep us posted ok..

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    Poor kitty! I agree that she probably really needs to lose weight, and that you might do well to get a second opinion as to how to take care of her in the meantime.

    Love, Columbine

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    if this is a long-haired cat, a light trim around the area would probably help too. Is she spayed?

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    I would suggest, short haired or long haired that you have her clipped back there and keep it clipped to make cleaning easier for you to do and to keep the smell down of it being in that fur. I would find something else to clean her with there, maybe a saline solution or perhaps baby wipes? Then I would put diaper rash stuff on there, she can't reach it to clean herself so she can't lick it off (after getting the vets approval).

    It is time to put her on that dreaded "D" word just to make it easier and healthier on her. In the meantime, I would think you will need to clean her often until she is able to do that again for herself.

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    I concur w/all that Laura's Babies said. And definitely talk to your vet about putting your sweet kitty on a diet. I have an overweight cat, too, b/c she's on steroids for allergies. She's a short hair, though, so whatever she can't reach, I can easily clean. Good luck w/this and please let us know how it all turns out. Your poor kitty must be so miserable.

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    I would also see that she gets a lot more water into her to dilute her urine.
    Add water to wet food, syringe some into her mouth or however you have to do it. (And a D... wouldn't hurt either.)

    I have a small semi-feral cat that has no control over her body functions. She smells bad most of the time! Sometimes I have to corner her to pull the poop off her rear. The vet does a 'sanitary clip' occasionally so there isn't any hair to capture the urine. I would be happy to do it myself and save the $$ if she would let me! I keep a blanket on the couch for the rare times she wants to sit there.

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    Maybe she'd enjoy drinking from a pet fountain? A lot of cats do.

    Love, Columbine

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    No free feed; get a measuring cup, read the amounts on the bag, and follow them to the letter.

    Putting a round cat toy in the dry food can slow down how fast she eats. Also - watch the wet food, if you use it. Very high in calories.

    Grain-free food might be an idea, as there is less "filler" and kitty will feel full on less.

    Best of luck and I hope your girl feels better soon!
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