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Thread: My cat smells like urine! Help!

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    My cat smells like urine! Help!

    Hi everyone! I need help! Eugene was neutered today at the local shelter which also has a spay/neuter clinic. When I picked him up he was soaked in his own urine inside of his pet taxi. Now we are home and it's awful! I've tried giving him a sponge bath with a wet rag but it doesn't seem to be working. I have him confined in the bathroom until he's feeling better - but poor thing is stinking it up! How can I get the smell off of him without hurting him?


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    He'll probably clean himself...cats are good at that.

    All I can think of is a bath, but not right after neutering.

    Give the vet a call, see what they say.

    Good luck! He is SOOO cute!
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    The smell of a male, the strongness of it, after he's neutered takes about 3 months before it's totally gone. Wait a while and then maybe give him a bath, if the smell isn't gone by then.

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    Awe... poor little boy! He probably was scared at the vet clinic and had to go and till you picked him up, he probably had to go. He'll clean himself up soon enough. A few of my guys get really upset being in the carrier and going to the vet and will pee in the carrier, which of course ends up getting on them Poor things just get upset.
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