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my chihuahua jack is 3 years old, i have had him since he was 2 months old. all of a sudden one day when i woke up in the morning before work i went to the back door to let my dogs out like i always do, my other dog is a 6 yr old pekingese named bella. jack would not go outside for some reason, he just sat there staring at me and laid down on the floor infront of me and would not go out, and normally he runs right outside into the backyard which is fenced in, i have to be careful not to let him out my front door or he will run off around the neighborhood for a little joy run. so normally he loves going outside. but all of a sudden he refuses to go outside, i have even picked him up and walked into my backyard and set him out in the yard and gone back inside and closed the door, all he does is run on the porch and sit there untill i let them back in, he even scratches at the door sometimes too which is something he has never done before.

he is also having some other unusual behavior such as following me around the house everytime i get up and move, something he never did before. and i noticed he kind of hides in closets and curls up in a little ball and lays in the corner of a closet, or he will just curl up and lay in a corner of the couch right next to me. its really weird. i know chihuahuas are usually naturally scared of things and act like scardy cats, he has always been like that, afraid of new people who come over or afraid of loudnoises and things like that that most chihauhaus are scared of. but this sudden refusal and being scared to go outside is completely and totally weird and not him at all cause like i said he loves going outside and running around playing with my other dog, and he normal does everything that she does and follows her around everywhere and is always trying to protect her if they are around unfamiliar people, but once bella goes out the back door to go in the yard, he runs the other way and lays in his bed.

this is day 6 now of his weird behavior. he wont go outside, so obviously he is pooping and peeing in the house, he is eating and drinking like normal and going to the bathroom like normal(just not outside) everything seems fine physically with him so i cant figure out why he is acting like this and so scared to go outside. i took him out on a leash a few times and all he does is stay real close to me and he wont really stray to far from me even though he is on a 20ft retractable leash he only gets about 2-3 feet away from me. ive also tried luring him outside with treats (he LOVES treats and always ssteals them from my other dog bella) but he still wont come outside, even when i put the treat on the ground and carried him outside he didnt care about the treat and he just ran back into the house. im wondering if i should take him to the vet maybe, but like i said he eats drinks and uses the bathroom(INSIDE! GRR) all like normal so i dont really think i have much of a reason to take him to the vet, or the money to do so when i cant see anything physically wrong with him. i have just been going crazy trying to figure out what to do with him to help him stop being scared of whatever he is scared of but i just cant seem to figure anything out! if any one has dealt with this problem before or has any answers or advice or anything at all for me i would love to hear some of your experiences and/or tips of what to do to get him to stop being scared!. my yard is fenced in so i know that no other dogs got in, and i doubt it could have been another animal that scared him otherwise i would have heard my dogs barking because they both bark like crazy even if they see a bird, so if something had happened outside that scared him i know i would have heard both dogs barking about it.

please help! thanks!
I know what you mean I adopted a wonderful dog who is golden/beagle mix.i have had her for six months, and never had any problems with walking her. All of a sudden she doesn't want to go out when we get out side she pulls me back in and she is strong ,she starts shaking all over, she has been to vet so nothing is wrong if anyone has a clue I would appreciate it.