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Thread: any clue for my breed?

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    any clue for my breed?

    i adopted a dog suposed to be lab - rottweiler mix, but now he doesnt look anything like that. he just has the colors of a rottweiler but he looks like a terrier or a schnauzer or something else.
    He is only 5 months and his weight is 40 pounds. he has really big paws and his colors have been changing since the first day that we got him. so do you have a clue of what breed he might be?

    [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]
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    I would say some kind of terrier. What exactly, who knows? He doesn't look bulky enough for rotty, maybe dobe instead for those colors?

    Whatever he is, he is adorable!

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    thanks so much for the comments!!he is a lovable little guy. he is sitting in my lap right now, i love him.

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    He's really cute! Perhaps he is an airedale mix? They have similar coloring and terrier hair like that, plus they are quite large. Check out these airedale puppy pics

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    I see... Airdale, Shnauzer, and I almost see Min Pin somewhere in there.

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    the color is a bit misleading, you have to remember that many breeds can be black and tan, definatly much bigger than a min seeing some sort of terrier, maybe some shnauzer, airedale is a good guess too ..hes a cutie

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    I'll second that motion, your dog is very, very cute!!!!! Maybe when he gets older , more traits as to his breed will give you more clues!!!

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    i see you "just" joined today!!! Welcome.

    Your guy is def a MUTT!!! are a lot of us here! I think I would have to guess that he is certainly not "merely" a Lab/Rottie Mix.

    I guess he could be part Rot with his markings, but there is definitely some sort of Terrier in there with that wirey hair and cute eyes. If he is changing everyday, you may have to wait a while until he settles on a "look" - like my Bob did (see attached change metamorphis he went through).

    But all that said, he is "most certainly" very cute. Again, Welcome to PT!!!
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    I'd say fox terrier/ airedale. At first I thought yorkie but he's way to big. He is the cutest lil thing EVER though.... Especially in the last pic.

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    I would say he is a border terrier/welsh terrier mix just look at these pics. First is Border terrier.

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    Border terrier and rottie. He's huge, but he doesn't have the muzzle for a dobie, fox terrier, or for an airedale. As for the guess of border mixed with welsh, that dog wouldn't be 40 pounds at 5 months or even as an adult. Both of those breeds top out at less than 20 pounds.
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    I guess i didn't relize he is that big

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