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Thread: Eew - Nature in the Raw

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    Eew - Nature in the Raw

    I was looking out of my living room window yesterday evening and there was a little garter snake trying to eat a big frog! Ugh! I know snakes have to eat too but did it have to do it right in front of my window. Eventually it did slither off dragging the poor frog with it. I'll have to watch where I step when I go out there this morning.

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    I know what you mean. I do the Irish Jig when I see a snake curled up or moving along right under my feet. If only God would of given them a voice of some kind to tell us they are there.

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    Seems like snakes are on the move this week! Unfortunate snake incident at my house on Tuesday. There were two workers screening in my back patio and they told us that the AC unit started making a crazy noise. When they went to check it out, it appears that a snake had fallen into it and was in the process of being pureed. .. .

    Needless to say, we are getting a cover for the unit this weekend. . .

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    Ew LOL

    but know what you mean,, seen a snake crawling up a tree towards a nest of baby birds before. but when i seen what it was going after i stopped watching or of i would of felt prone to intervene.

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    Snakes scare the crap outta me...I love pretty much all living creatures, but snakes just make my skin crawl!

    My brother had a 13ft bermese python when we were growing up and it attacked him!! Needless to say I would never have a pet snake.

    Ew about the AC unit, lol!
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