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Thread: Nature Vs Nurture...

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    Nature Vs Nurture...

    I had a question for those of you who has had kittens: Pandora is an AFECTIONATE little thing. She loves to ride on my shoulder and likes being around people in general. Will nurturing this behavior help her in being an afectionate adult? Remus has always been aloof, and Spook is the kind of cat who wants attention...on HER terms! They both came from abusive situations though and were about 6 months old when I got them.

    I was wondering really how much affection a cat shows is just how a cat is or if its a behavior that can be encuraged and nurtured into being? I'm kind of curious, as I haven't rasied a kitten before.

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    Your Pandora sounds like our Soni. Has she always been this affectionate? Soni is notoriously affectionate and does the same things as your girl! He has always been very sweet and loving even from day one. But, I suppose my encouraging and love could have a *little* bit to do with it. *innocent look*

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    I think that it can vary. My mother has a cat, Magic, who has been desperately shy since kittenhood - she was adopted with another kitten from a farm, where they had been barn cats, and they became indoor cats. Magic is so shy now (she is 11) that sometimes days go by and you don't see any more than her eyes peeking out from her hiding place. When my father was alive, she was much more present and affectionate with him - but always hid completely from others. No one ever knew why. On the other hand, our cat Beauty came to us from a shelter at six or seven months old. We are pretty sure she had been a feral, though she was not vicious, just extremely shy and not responsive to affection. Over a period of time, she became more and more responsive until today she is probably the most snuggly, purry, love-bunny kind of cat I've ever known - and I think it is because my son just pursued her with his insistence on giving her a teddy-bear kind of love, and then, maybe because she is a blackie (I do believe that blackies are special this way), she just had it built into her to respond to affection when it was offered. To love or not to love? Always love to the cat's extent of tolerance. Sometimes, that tolerance will grow beyond your wildest dreams.

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    Chester was an extreemly clingy kitten that loved to be held and loved on but now he could care less. If he is the only cat in the house though, he turns back into that clinger, lap loving, wanna be petted sweetheart.

    Special Needs Pets just leave bigger imprints on your heart!

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