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    Some People...

    My friend has a dashound named teddy and hes about a year old they went to the spencer fair in Iowa and on there way back they meet a small dog breeder/vet who breeds dashounds and they told him about teddys legs which are a little crooked and he said that it was a birth deffect and that eventually his shoulders would grow togather and he wouldnt have use of his front legs no more, and that scard her so bad so when thay got back she told me and we both asked or vets and both vets being very restpectible and known around here for quite aways and have dealed with so many cases of different things and my vet being a close friend of the family. Both vets told us that they had never heard of it and that the guy had no right to ever say such a thing with out seeing the dog. Im sure the guy was only saying what he knew but he told them that the dog HAD it and it wasnt just a chance. Just to be sure we had teddy checked out by other vets and none of them have heard of it ethier. Well thank goodness for little teddy who is now sitting here watching me type this.

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    I'm sure he thought he was being helpful ... but was misguided! Glad Teddy's there helping ... Give him a nice long tummy-skritch for me on his nice long Dachshund tummy!

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