Hello there Honey! Happy Pet of the Day to you, sweetheart! What a beautiful baby bunny you are! I simply love your muted "fawn" coloring! And how irresistible are those "lopsided" ears! I didn't know that lop eared bunnies' ears "fell!" Well, even if the other one decides not to drop, you couldn't be more adorable if you tried! You sound like quite the adventurous little girl, so eager to explore...and escape! But as your wise Mommy says, it's a big, bad world out there so stick close to home, Honey! Your family loves you dearly and wants you around, healthy and whole, for a long, long time!

Congratulations and lots of love and cuddles to you on your much deserved day of honor, precious Honey bunny! I hope you're treated to an extra special, fun filled day of celebration!!! Don't forget the dandelion greens, Mom!