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Thread: Wanted- Info On a Mix Breed

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    Wanted- Info On a Mix Breed

    I am wanting to adopt a puppy/dog form a nearby shelter. I was looking online just a while ago and found some puppies that really just spoke to me. There where 4 of them, but I would only be taking one. The thing was there was not very much info about them online and I would not be able to go the the actual place for a while. They where a mix between a Great Dane and German Shepperd. I know a little about the Great Dane. But was not sure how this combo of pup would turn out in the long fun. I wanted to know general things about this combo, not the specific pups I was looking at. Things such as temperament, health, grooming, energy levels, and so on. If anybody has any info that might help me decide on looking into the pups further that would be great.

    Thanks to anybody and everybody who helps me out

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    It really depends on which breed the pup takes after more. They are kinda on opposite ends of the scale, intelligence-wise. German Shepherds are the rocket scientists, Great Danes the opposite - they are sweet as can be, though. Both breeds will be high energy as pups, and it is best to start training day one, as it will grow very quickly, and you want to establish things like leash behavior while you are still stronger than the pup. Establishing manners and simple obedience is very, very important, and next will be giving the pup plenty of exercise. Don't exercise right after meals, though, no running after eating, as Danes and other deep-chested breeds can be susceptible to bloat, which can be deadly.

    Does any of this help?

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    Thanks for your help :)

    Thanks for everything. I think what you said helped a bit. Although the pups where cute, first of all they would turn out (more than likely) to be a high energy sort of dog, and also the asking price for them was to much. I keep looking and found a puppy at another shelter for cheaper that seems to suit me better. I will receive him some time Tuesday and am very excited.

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    I am glad to help! They will be great dogs for the right kind of person, but could be a bad match for someone not knowing what to expect.
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    My neighbor has a Dane/Shep mix, and if I had a fenced yard Ild take her in.

    She is a big sweety and a bigger suckup. Very stubborn, but I think she is smart enough to be trained as she loves attention.
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