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Thread: My dog is very possessive of!

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    My dog is very possessive of!

    OK.... this is my first time posting, but I need help badly please.......

    In short:
    I have two beagles (Wrigley (male) and Shpeega (female)), brother and sister. They are about 1 1/2 years old. We have had them since 5 weeks.

    Lately we adopted Zephra a female mix of what we think is a australian shephard, Pit and dalmation. She was being removed from her house because of a new baby was coming and they didn't want any dogs. Zephra is the most loving dog ever, along with Wrigley and Shpeega.

    Zephra has become alpha dog in the house, and very protective of me but only with the other female (Shpeega). It comes to the point where they fight it out bad if Shpeega is by me at all. Around all other dogs she is fine, and aroune my fiance there is no problem.

    What can I do to have Zephra stop attacking Shpeega when she is near me?

    Tonight as they were fighting Shpeega's big floopy beagle ears were bit to the point of blood.



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    Same-sex aggression is, unfortunately, a fairly common problem... particularly with females. The fact that your new pup is probably still a bit unsure of herself, and her breeding, also makes her prone to feel the need to defend you.

    Don't think of your dogs as having ranks among themselves. What is important is that YOU are their leader, YOU control everything good in their lives, and that YOU make it clear what you want from them. I would keep the girls seperated unless they can be closely supervised, to prevent any serious fights. I would also recommend practicing Nothing In Life Is Free with all of your dogs, all of the time.

    When they get into fights, how do you go about breaking it up? What is the body language of both of them before the fight starts?

    It's important that you do not allow Zephra to claim you. Is she pressing up against you, standing over you, or sitting on you? Do not allow this. If she tries to claim you, stand up and turn away. Teach Zephra that when Shpeega is around it's a fun and positive experience, every time. Start clicker training, preferably. Every time Zephra so much as glances at Shpeega, click/treat (in a friendly manner, of course). Every time Shpeega enters a room, click/treat Zephra. Over and over. Make Zephra a positive association. Take long walks with just the two of them, allowing them to walk parallel to each other. You have to put in lots of work to teach Zephra that she does not need to compete for attention, rank, or resources with Shpeega... but it can be done! Good luck.

    <3 Erica, Fozz n' Gonz

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    I went through this when I recently adopted another poodle mix. My older dog would sit on my lap and growl at the puppy as he tried to get up. Standing up and walking away worked for me. I had to do it repeatedly over a few weeks but it worked. She had to learn that they can't fight over me or neither of them would have me. They now both sit on my lap without mishap.

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