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Thread: Possessive over human

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    Possessive over human

    I searched the forums but did not find anything about this. Reilly loves both jeff and I, however he is showing disturbing signs of being very possessive over me.... it is towards Jeff. He does not like it when Jeff sits on the sofa or love seat with me, give's me hugs or kisses, any contact between Jeff and I he has issue with. He starts out trying to wedge his way in between us, then it continues on to the point where he is growling and barking insanely at Jeff. We have been trying to teach him that it is ok for Jeff to be near me, but quite honestly we are both at a loss here. I am afraid this is going to get to a point where Reilly might actually bite Jeff and I do not want to see that happen. Reilly is supposed to be for both of us, and he shows very strong intentions towards me more so than Jeff. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Tobey is the same but he is getting better.

    If he tries to get in between us on the sofa we just get up and if we are having a hug and he gets annoyed we turn our backs on him
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    I would do NILIF with him: Nothing in Life is Free (simple Google search will turn up a lot of results).

    NILIF teaches him that you are a benevolent leader and that you control all the resources, including food and attention. He cannot get attention from you by crawling into your lap. He must earn it by sitting or going into a Down or just waiting quietly for you. Jeff should also be enforcing the NILIF with you. That way, Reilly will recognize him as a leader, too.

    So whenever Reilly gets between you two, get up and walk away. He wants attention, but he's asking for it in the wrong manner so you remove your attention. After a few minutes, walk back in. When Reilly shows some type of self-constraint, ask for a "Sit" or "Paw" or whatever and then give him the attention he so craves

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    Thank you both that sounds like excellent advise, i will do a seach of that and talk to Jeff about it and we will get started immediately.

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    Fenway is like that sometimes but with other dogs...not people.

    In regards to making Jeff the "leader". Does Jeff feed Reilly? Maybe if Reilly saw that Jeff is the source of food, he may accept him being closer to you more? What if Jeff sat next to you and gave Reilly a snack? I don't know. I'm just throwing these ideas out there.

    Good luck.
    I love Fenway, JoJo, Olivia and Nonnie!

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