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Thread: Orijen cat food recall

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    Orijen cat food recall

    Hi, this video is of my 2 cats Gus and Maurice who have been poisoned by Champion pet foods Orijen. I urge you to boycott this company for what they have done to my cats and all the other affected cats in Australia. Gus and Maurice cannot run, roll in the sun, climb their cat trees,wash themselves, play with each other and be naughty jumping on the kitchen bench. I don't know if my cats will survive or regain the use of their hind legs or further in time have a major organ failure. This is what 4 months of eating Orijen cat food for 50% of their diet, the rest fresh meat, did to them. Three cats have died of seizures, one of a spinal tumour. Fifteen have been euthanized. Dozens of cats have been affected please join our forum to see our fight.
    The vet report

    Can you trust such a negligent company as Champion with your pets health, I did, like everyone else in Australia who thought they were buying the best for their cats and look what they have done to my beautiful cats. It should not matter if only 1 or 20 cats have died in Australia, they died because Champion petfoods sold their irradiated food here for profit, that does not sound like a caring holistic company to me

    This is a letter to Champion pet foods from topcat3 whose cat Colette is very ill
    My cat is totally paralyzed, incontinent and cannot drink or feed herself nor defaecate without enemas.

    Your lack of due diligence before entering this market, admitted by you during our telephone conversation of 19 December 2008, and your failure to stay fully informed of what your importer was doing at all times in signing authorities to gamma irradiate not on one shipment, as you claimed in our telephone conversaton, not on two shipments as Michelle Grainger claimed but on THREE SHIPMENTS has caused this devastation among Australian cats.

    Both your importer and you knew something was wrong in September/October of 2008 when vets first spotted a link between the syndrome and Orijen cat food. It took you until almost the end of November before a recall was announced and even then many of the retailers were not given a full explanation so they could not tell their customers who were still feeding their cats from recently purchased bags.

    HunterBengal, his words after his cat died,Hunter was totally paralyzed from eating Orijen cat food

    Hi all,
    Sorry I have not posted since Christmas. Personal circumstances did not allow.

    I have the saddest of news. Hunter passed away last week. He continued to get worse and needed to be given water with a syringe daily and then had a seizure. We are absolutely devastated and really struggling especially since he was showing some signs of improvement in his back legs.

    I just can not express the grief the we are going through as he was our little baby and was only 3 yrs old.

    Once I regather strength I will be going after Champion, the distributor and Australian Quarantine to make sure this never happens again.

    I wish you all the very best in your cats recovery.

    I just don't know how we are going to cope without him anymore.

    Thank you for any support you can show us.

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    Hugs and prayers to all that are suffering, not the least of which are the dear pets, the furbabies.

    Is it felt that Champion is the culprit here, by irradiating the already packaged and sealed food? Is irradiation even necessary?

    If it is done to human food, what effects will that have on people?

    All I can do is pray for justice to be done! HUGS and more prayers to Gus and Maurice.
    "To begin, begin." ~William Wordsworth

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    My thoughts and prayers are with Gus and Maurice. This is criminal!

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