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Thread: mistreat puppies

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    mistreat puppies

    I don't know if I am posting this in the rught place or not but here goes. I am from a town called newcastle in the uk and I was sickened to read in my local newspaper and watch on the news about two 7 week old puppies. These two adorable little cuties were brother and sister and a group of boys between the ages of 10 and 13 years old thought it was fun to kick the puppies around then if that's not sick enough they tried to roast them on a bonfire. A passerby saw whet these thugs were doing and stopped them(thankgod) she then took the two puppies to the RSPCA shelter where they were treated for singed fur to their little heads. The RSPCA vet says that apart from their singed fur on their heads they are in perfect health luckily and they have named the little boy guy after guy fawkes and the little girl cinders and they are looking for new homes for them. Now what makes my blood boil is that the youths were not charged with this dispicable act, what were the police thinking, if I ever caught my children doing anything like that I would personally take them to the police station myself and make sure they were charged. It really does make me mad when I here that they were let off because of their ages, I'm sorry but, if these thugs are old enough to commit such a disgusting crime then they are old enough to be punished by the law, not just a slap on the hand. Those two adorable pups will never forget what they suffered and why? because the stupid boys thought it was fun to do that. No wonder the world is in such a state when crimes like this are allowed to happen. I just hope cinders and guy get adopted together and go to a loving and caring home cause they will need all the love and cuddles they can get to trust in humans again. Fingers crossed for these two little siblings xx

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    Those children not only need punishment, but psychological help as well. 10 and 13 is PLENTY old enough to know that is CRUEL and WRONG. There is a link between childhood animal abuse leading to more 'extreme' crimes(though personally I find abusing an animal to be as bad as abusing a puppy, but that's just my opinion) such as abusing spouses and children, violent crime, even murder. To condone such behavior at their age simply shows them what they can get away with and will make them worse. This makes my blood boil I'm glad that the puppies were okay though. Thank goodness that lady was there at the right moment.

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    That's HORRIBLE! I am about their age and I have never seen or heard anything like that! Those poor puppies are in my prayers. Imagine the yelping and laughs!

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