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Thread: how long do puppies stay puppies?

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    how long do puppies stay puppies?

    My dog Camen is really puppy like when we go to the park everyone says he's got that puppy bounce, and he gets really excited easily. I was wondering how long does that last usually?
    Because when i see older dogs they are really mellow and not nearly as excited as he gets.Camen is ridgeback/akita and is 1yr old.
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    If a dog is good health, he will never lose their bounce.

    Scruffy is 12 and goes crazy when we go to the dog park. He just quivers all over while I open the gate. Bella is 6 or seven and jumps up and down. Only old man Samson is fairly sedate. He's over 13.


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    As a large breed mix he probably won't be fully mature for another year yet, but many healthy dogs keep their rambunctiousness for a good number of years. Enjoy it, my dog can jump around much or she'll throw out her back.
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    It seems like you got some pretty good responses but I just wanted to say that Carmen is a gorgeous doggy. YOu should really post more pics in Dog General

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    some dogs,,, like many men,,, NEVER grow up....

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    what grow up?

    MAXIMUS will be 4 TOMORROW!!!.....he still plays like a puppy....and alot of times, still looks like one...he stopped growing at about 2 to 2 1/ long as they stay puppies at happy...they are...
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    Originally posted by LorraineO
    some dogs,,, like many men,,, NEVER grow up....
    And aren't you just so glad were all puppy's at heart.

    Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole

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    wow, thanx for the reply. I love my dog to stay a puppy forever, but sometimes he get a little excited and whips people in the face or leg with his bushy tail.(ow, camen settle down abit) lol

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    I have a 3 yr old lab. I've been told she might settle down in 4 or 5 years. Right now, sh has the attention span of a robin which is pretty good considering she started out with the attentiong span of a flea.

    "The longer a dog stays a puppy, the better natured the dog is." I still believe in that concept.

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    Well, Blaze has never really grown up...though he's finally gotten out of the puppy stage now at age 3.

    Thanks Kay!!

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    posted by LorraineO:some dogs,,, like many men,,, NEVER grow up.... >>>>>>>>>>>

    LOL! That was a good one.

    My dogs mature around 2 years old,
    but they never lost that puppy attitude.


  12. Lexi will NEVER lose her puppiness! See, she just turned 1 today, and Jack Russells have been known to stay bouncy and hyper-acive well into their golden years.

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    Buddy really mellowed at about three years old, but Tasha never did grow out of her puppy stage. People never believe me when they ask how old she is and I tell them she's ten. She can still catch Docker more often than not (much to his annoyance) and he's (roughly) ten months old!

    Thanks Lexi_Lover

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    Muskwa brain turned back on at 3. Chum is 3 now and hoping his will kick in soon too!

    Hobo is 8. Still acts like a puppy. Last time he was at the vet a lady thought he was 10 months old!
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    You have a cross of very active breeds you may always have a puppy bouncer.
    I have a 7year old Springer I thought was slowing down, I discovered he just wasn't feeling well. Hes mr bounce again.

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