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Thread: Et Please Pray

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    I just talked to the vet. Poor thing went through the x-ray, two enemas and sedation. We hope that the sedation was still affecting her this morning. Tonight we are going to try some baby foods and kitten formula. Iím afraid that if she will not eat on her own that we will have too bring out the big syringe and fill it with formula and the high protein paste.
    The whole thing has me worried. I just wish we didn't have the trip this week end. At anyrate if you see a large red truck with a white trailer flying south on the NY throughway on Sat. or sunday night, please move over, I have too get home. Donna you know the truck.
    GILL & Crew;

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    Oh, GILL - you and your wife must be absolutely heartsick!

    Sedation can really affect a cat for a while...I pray she perks up a bit and starts eating.

    ET, come on had a rough time, and you are eat a bit tonight, ok?

    Give her a cuddle for me.
    "To begin, begin." ~William Wordsworth

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    I know how hard it is NOT KNOWING what caused the problem. The constipation can surely cause lack of appetite. But what caused the constipation?

    Drop her off at Luckenbach's babysitting on your way to NY....Lord knows I can force feed if necesary.

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