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Thread: Please Pray...:-(

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    Please Pray...:-(

    I found out today that the fellow I bought the Festiva from just had his 11 year old daughter diagnosed with liver cancer. The cancer is on 60% of her liver. I don't know much else other than that but I ask that PT prayers be sent out to Rob and his family. He is one of the nicest guys I've met (He helped me out a lot by selling me the car for very cheap) and his daughter is very very nice too. Rob is one of my dads good friends, and of course he has gotten very close to Robs family.

    all this heartache is really getting to me. When mom emailed me with the news I just about cried...Im kind of tearing up now.

    I know PT prayers work wonderful miricles and even if it is her time to be called Home, please pray that she doesn't suffer.

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    I'm so sorry about your friends daughter. Their family is in my prayers.

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    Thats so sad. I'm not a parent yet, but I couldn't imagine the pain that the parents are going through right now. I def. will put her in my prayers and I will pray that the family can have the strength to get through this too.

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    I'll be thinking of you all.


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    This is so sad......Sending prayers for the little girl and all her family...
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    That is so upsetting and sad, I am so sorry to hear that. It is especially sad to hear of a young child getting something that serious. I am praying for her recovery.
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    What really bothers me is how suddenly it happened. It was almost overnight. It really makes me think about how fragile life is...

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    Prayers on the way. That is so sad
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    Prayers on the way from me for Rob and his daughter and entire family! So sad!
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    This is an E-mail my mom got just now:

    I'm sorry to have to report that the growth on Kayla's liver is cancerous. It's a rare type, usually only adults get it and very rarely found in children. They are going to start Chemotherapy and see if the tumor shrinks before they talk about surgery. They will be doing a body scan today to see if the cancer has spread anywhere else. They won't put her on the transplant list because you have to have less than a 10% chance of survival to get on it and she has a 34% chance right now. Karen wants everyone to know how much they appreciate all we are doing for them as well as our thoughts and prayers, it means a lot to them.

    Thank you for your support. Kayla is at Oakland Childrens hospital. Does anyone know anything about Oakland Childrens? Is it a good hospital?

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    DJF: This is so sad and I'm sorry to hear the outcome. Mega prayers on the way.
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    DJ is that Oakland as in Oakland, California? It's a wonderful children's hospital.

    I just went through a liver cancer scare myself this week which is part of the reason I haven't been around too much. Fortunately for me after an ultrasound that showed a questionable mass, all the other tests and CT scans came back negative/normal and the docs explained the mass away as one of those phantoms that sometimes shows up on ultrasounds. Sure had me preparing for the worst for about a week, though.

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    Yeah, its Oakland CA...glad to hear that they can take care of Kayla right.

    This is scary in particular to me the doctor wants an ultrasound of my liver due to abnormal levels of some such in my bloodwork . I know I have high iron...and I'm sure overdosing didn't help matters but I'm still kind of scared.

    I'm glad though that everything turned out ok for you.

    I've heard that Chemo is very effective on small spots, but not if the cancer has spread all over the that true? I honestly don't know a whole lot about things like this.

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    That is EVERY parent's worst nightmare! I pray that little girl has great doctors who can put this awful disease in remission. I am proud to say that my 29 year old daughter is a 13 year brain cancer survivor. I hope and pray that they caught it in the early stages.

    I have a question. Would it be possible for you to PM me with their address so that my daughter can write to this little girl. Maybe hearing Amy's experience and relating to someone who has also had to go through chemo and radiation might give her the confidence and determination she needs to fight this disease.

    Please, keep us posted??

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    How devastating for the family. We will keep prayers here for the health of the little girl and please let us know if you hear any new information.
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