Hi all!

I'm the foster mom of Rocca (7 month - 1 year special needs sweet girl!), and Crockett (5-8) and Lailah (4 years old - has a new meow-mom YEAH)...

and of course my own gang - Bonnie (13), Olive (10), Lucky Streak (5) and Sandy aka Sandia (3)

I foster for a group in town when were are here December - June, and help with free TNR work around the city.

When we are traveling, I put food and water out in the campgrounds we stay at (2 months at a time) and you know what? Yep, I often get to TNR many strays during our 3 camprgounds in Ohio, Minnesota and Texas!

When I return this year in December I will be teaching classes on trapping and how to safely set up an area for lost cats, or ferals.

I LOVE working for the animals :-)

Thanks to everyone here