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Thread: Odd Sleeping Behavior in My Senile Old Dog

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    Odd Sleeping Behavior in My Senile Old Dog

    Keito is getting up there in age. I'm not sure how old he is, but I've had him over thirteen years, and he was grown when I got him. I'd say he's at least fifteen. He is going deaf and getting a bit thin, but other than that he's in good health.

    Keito has always slept on his dog bed in my bedroom. No one else would dare sleep on his bed. A few months ago, I started noticing him sleeping on the floor instead of in his bed. Hmmm ...

    So, I washed his bed and fluffed it up. He's a very clean dog. Still, he wouldn't sleep in it. So, I bought a new bed of the same type. No. I bought a egg crate foam bed. Still no. I even bought an inflatable air mattress type bed. Still no. I tried fluffy beds, firm beds, I tried moving the bed. Nothing.

    Weird. One would think a bony old dog would want to sleep on his soft, comfy bed, instead of curled up in a pathetic-looking little ball on the floor.

    Anyone else had a strange sleeping behavior change like this?

    Attaching a few pics of His Royal Highness. Speaking of sleeping, here's a picture of one of my former rescue dogs, Basil, using Keito as a pillow.
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