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    I know some of us sleep with our dogs (and other pets) but do they control how you sleep.

    Bull lays at the foot of the bed on my cover. He think he doesn't lay under the cover niether should I! LOL As the night progresses though he moves his butt upward until he is sleeping butt to butt with me therefore limiting my rolling over. Now he has inlisted the help of Isis to further stop my sleeping movements by having her sleep against my stomach (as you can tell I sleep on my side) so I can't roll forward. I'm sure they think this is for my own protection. Then of course there is the rare nights that Katie comes back to sleep in my bed in which case I am forced to sleep in a ball to keep from disturbing the Queen with those pesky feet of mine.
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    Ohhh yeah - I never have any room or any covers. Shiloh is almost always on my stomach so I can't move. If she happens to be laying next to me instead of on me, I still can't roll over because there's an animal on every side. In fact, my muscles are sore this very moment because of those boogars
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    We had to get the dogs their own beds, because I was waking up with a sore back and neck every morning. Kito would move up to my pillow and share it with me (usually with his butt on my face), and Abbey tried to snuggle between us.

    Shhhh...don't tell--when my hubby goes to work early, I let them come up and snuggle with me
    Emily, Kito, Abbey, Riley, and Jada

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