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    Ok here is my dilemna!! I work night shift, and now that the weather is soooo nice, Shaianne wants outside during the day, while I am sleeping, so she is waking me up every 1-2 hours to go outside. When I started this in Feb we had no problems because the weather was crappy.
    All I have for her is a tie out, and she does very well with that, surprisingly, since greyhounds aren't supposed to be tied. She knows her limits. I don't have the financial resources for a fenced in yard, and the only other option is to bite the bullet and get an outdoor kennel. But due to the fanatical Humane Soc director here I am afraid if I get one of those he will drive by (he supposedly does random drive by checks) and see her out there and take her. And I signed a contract saying that she is only allowed outside for 20 min intervels, and never off leash, which isn't a problem b/c her being off leash is a traumatic experience anyway!!! I am at my wits end already and it is only mid April!!!
    I refuse to crate her during "sleep time" she has to spend so much time in there anyway I feel it's not fair, and my house is soooo small she would throw a royal fit knowing I am in the next room. She has never been crated to sleep at night unless she has spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa's house and that is only if I am not there and b/c my mom doesn't trust her to roam the house, like I do. Any suggestions are appreciated!!! Thanks!!

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    shais_mom Had about the same problem a few years back with my former dog. What worked for us was when I got home in the morning she would get walked and then we would play in the house - roll the ball back and forth (I have a small house also) anything to wear her out! I would also give her something to play with ( the kong filled with food might work out great for this}. After a few weeks she would settle down and nap till I got up. I would only sleep for about 3-4 hours and get up for awhile and then go back to bed. Its hard because after the dog has slept all night he is ready for some fun! Hope this helps some.

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    check out "The Kong Thing" Feb. 4th under Dogs general. It really does keep a dog occupied for a long time!!

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    Our 3 dogs sleep & spend some time during the day on a long covered, weatherproof verandah room that runs the length of the back of the house. ( There are big glass sliding doors connecting it with the house).
    We solved the 'going to the toilet' problem for the dogs by fencing a small area around the bottom of the deck steps.
    There's a doggy door in the door leading down the deck steps. So when the dogs want to go to the toilet, they just go thro' the doggy door, down the stairs from the deck & into this small fenced area. They can do their business & go back up onto the deck without disturbing anyone.
    There's a gate in that small bit of fencing so people can go down the steps, thro' the little fenced area, & out the gate.
    Such a small bit of fencing was needed that it didn't cost much.

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    Have you looked into an invisible fence system? Buried wire & collar that buzzes (not shocks) when they get too close? The ones I have seen run about $100 to $300 and have 500' of wire. I don't have one nor know anybody that does, but it may be an option for you.

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    shais_mom, that is quite a problem, when we want to confine our dogs to one room for some reason we put wooden baby gates up. Do you think it would work to put a wooden gate up in your bedroom doorway so that she could see you sleeping and she could either play with her toys or take a nap?

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    I still think the best solution is that she sleeps when you sleep. See if you can get her on your schedule.

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    Ouch! what a delemma! Bug is part greyhound and has a lead and a small house too! i have used "serene 'em" during the light changes or when i am ill/jet lagged or the skunks are using my yard for the stink convention. it is a natural sleep aid for pups and cats - no side effects! it may help her to switch her schedule over. Maybe some kind of melatonin for you so that you sleep through the "playing with my squeaky toy" time of day until she gets adjusted.

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