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Thread: Agility; Chinese Crested; Final Interview Post 16

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    Agility; Chinese Crested; Final Interview Post 16

    This is so touching.

    Diva is the first Chinese Crested to earn the title, ADCH. She needed a Super Q at this event to earn the title, and she did it!

    What is so touching is, this is Diva's last Agility run with her owner / handler, Lisa Kristoff. At age 32, Lisa was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. Chemo, radiation and many, many treatments and procedures have kept the cancer at bay and kept Lisa going for 8 years. The cancer went to her brain, and major organs. She had some experimental treatments, as well. Now, she has chemo induced Leukemia and has decided not to continue treatments. She has been given just 3 weeks to live. She insisted the docs let her out of hospital so she could do this run with Diva.

    The trials were held April 12 and 13th, 2008, Diva ran on the 12th. Someone captured it and posted it on youtube.
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    Ok, I now have to go wash my face because I have make-up streaming down my cheeks. That was great.
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    Thank you for the siggy, Michelle!

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    All, I can say is WOW!

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    dogs are compelled to snarl occasionally."
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    More tears. That video is beyond the scope of words.
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    I doubt that there is a dry eye among those who have watched this video. Once again I can't help but feel that God puts little angel spirits into our pets to help us when we are at our lowest point.

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    A very touching video. Dogs are so amazing.

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    Tears flowing freely here. That is amazing, and it is amazing that she had the stamina to go out there with Diva. What will happen to Diva when she losses her trainer/person/mom?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ginger's Mom
    Tears flowing freely here. That is amazing, and it is amazing that she had the stamina to go out there with Diva. What will happen to Diva when she losses her trainer/person/mom?
    A friend and fellow Agility person, Angela, is taking them in and will continue to work with them.

    People who know Lisa say she hasn't been able to move like that in months, it was quite a miracle the way she pulled it all together to get Diva around that circuit.

    One more note. The really sad part of all of this: Lisa is originally from New Zealand, and came to this country, to Florida first. She kept having pain in her shoulder and went to several doctors. They told her employer she was making it up and trying to get on disability.

    On a vacation home to see her folks, she was changing clothes and her mom saw something abnormal. They were at the doctor the very next day. That is when she was diagnosed with the advanced breast cancer.

    She had a double mastectomy and began chemo and radiation.

    She won a malpractice settlement for the previous misdiagnosis. Thank God she did, as it has been what has sustained her to this point.

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    Oh my. God bless Lisa.
    Forever in my heart...

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    That was beautiful. I'm all choked up.
    I love Fenway, JoJo, Olivia and Nonnie!

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    OMG... I went threw quite a few tissues watching that one.
    Oh how sad.... ugh... here comes the tears again.

    I don't possibly know what I would do knowing I only had 3 weeks left on this earth with my pups.

    goD Bless her.
    It never hurts to pray for a miracle!
    ~Angie, Sierra & Buddy
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    Lisa and Diva

    I read her story and bawled last night. Does anyone know how Lisa is doing? I said a prayer for her....

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    My friend sent me the video after she found it...I used up a pile of tissues also. From what I've been told she's back in hospital and not doing that well.

    Video was awesome to watch her do what she did...where she got the strength no one knows.

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    Ok, I'm crying here at work.

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    I hail from South Carolina, but Texas is where I hang my hat :)
    What an incredible way to spend one of your days left here. I am inspired by both Lisa and Diva! That's a beautiful tribute!
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