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Thread: Hairy hairless Chinese Crested?

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    Hairy hairless Chinese Crested?

    I was on craigslist and I saw an ad titled hairless chinese crested.
    when I opened it the poster explained the little guy, and his sister also for re-homing as a hairy hairless Chinese Crested. Because there is hair on the dogs heads they are hairy hairless'?
    I thought the name was just Chinese crested, and that the hairless/ full coat was just kept out of the name.... ?
    Very confused.. thought i would ask!

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    I'm not an expert on these dogs, but I do know a little about them. There are 2 varieties - the hairless and the powderpuff. The powderpuff has hair all over, where as the hairless has hair on it's head, feet, and tail.
    Before you consider getting one, you would be wise to read up on them. They are somewhat of a high maintenance dog and can develop many skin problems if not cared for properly, and they are notorious for having teeth problems also.
    Good luck if you decide to get one - and of course if you do - we would love to see some pics.
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    I did not read through it but here is a site that describes the differences between powder puff, hairless and hairy hairless...
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    Hairy hairless- Grows hair on the back, feet,face,head, tail and ears the length/thickness if hair varies on each dog.
    The hairy hairless need their face and body shaved to achive the proper look.

    True hairless- No hair on the feet or body can have litle on head and does not need shaving.

    Powderpuff- Long plush hair everwhere but the face needs to be shaved with a 10 to get the desired look, ears can be shaved too.
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    We have a dog that is part chinese crested (the hairless type)
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    At our grooming shop we had a powderpuff chinese crested. If all you know are the type with hair on there head feet and tail, you wouldnt think it was a crested. We also have 2 regular cresteds and the body shape and stucure are the same. Most think the powderpuffs are cuter, but if a regular crested is kept up proporly with lotion and sun screen they are the cutest.

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