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Thread: Scared for my son. Please help w/comments *Update 4/16*

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    Scared for my son. Please help w/comments *Update 4/16*

    My son called me last night and told me that his forearms are so weak and that it's also in his hands but mainly his forearms. He's having problems gripping things and can hardly pick up his cell phone or toothbrush, tie his shoes, etc. He says he's not in any pain whatsoever but that he's really fatigued. I asked if he worked out too hard and he said that after he did certain weight lifting exercises, he did notice that his forearms were really pumped but not in any pain. No, he's not on steroids. He's 40 years old, has always been extremely health conscious, doesn't smoke and hardly drinks. He's been having bad sinus problems and was taking Nyquil and some antihistamines so I told him to stop taking them. He called me again just a few minutes ago from the emergency room because he says that his forearms are getting weaker and he's getting scared.

    Does anybody have any idea of what this could be? Have any of you experienced this before? I thought perhaps carpal tunnel but he says that he doesn't have any tingling sensations. I looked up Guillain - Barre Syndrome on webmd and he doesn't have the symptoms of that either, other than the weakness in his forearms. But the other symptoms he doesn't have and he's in no pain. I'm really scared. He's in CA and I'm in OH or I'd be there w/him right now.
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    I had no clue and was gonna suggest webmd.... but you already did that....

    sorry I can┤t help.... by best thoughts are with you and your son...((hugs))

    ETA: did you used the symptom checker?... for what you said it comes like tendinitis or golfers elbow.. you might wanna try that with more details
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    He'll be in our prayers.

    Our church organist almost called off a rehearsal one week because her forearms were feeling really weak and sore/numb - turns out that was the beginning of the flu for her. I hope it is nothing serious for your son.
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    So sorry your son is not well.. No Mary I have no ideas at all.. Hey I will send Lots of Prayers & Huggss.. Keep us posted ok..

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    I was thinking the flu too. It can make your joints hurt really bad.

    Whatever it is, I hope your son the best.

    Keep us updated!

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    Symptoms like you described could be many things. I'm glad he did get
    to a Doctor to be checked out. Prayers that the cause is simple & easily
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    I will pray for your son that it is nothing serious.
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    You and your son will be in my thoughts and prayers. I'm glad he went to the emergency room. Please keep us posted on his progress.



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    I am glad he called back to say he is at the ER. It does sound scary, but I am praying there is a simple cause. I have heard people getting flu this year getting weird weakness symptoms, as someone above already said. So maybe that's it. Not that the flu is 'fun,' but heck, better than what you are imagining, wondering and waiting!

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    your son


    my first reply got cut short. Anyhow, did your sons symptoms start during or after working out with weights? Has he injured himself in any way? You said he is not having any pain, numbness, or tingling, Is that right? Are both arms equally weak? When you say "weak" what do you mean? Can he still perform daily activities? If he is losing his ability to perform daily activities than that is more serious. If he were injured in some way he could have something damaged in his spine that is affecting his spinal cord and nerves. If his weakness is due to an illness than he could just be feeling weak, but still able to move and feel everything normally. If his symptoms persist or get worse than he could get a CT and MRI to rule out any spinal damage or nerve damage. Usually with nerve damage the patient will feel numbness, tingling, and often describes a burning type pain. If your son worked his muscles out to ohard he could be having weakness in his muscles and may describe his weakness as a rubbery feeling in the affected limbs. If that is the case it will improve over the next several days.

    I am sure the ER will address those questions and if not help, refer your son to where he can get help. Hope that helps a little.


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    Quote Originally Posted by freckles1
    did your sons symptoms start during or after working out with weights? You said he is not having any pain, numbness, or tingling, Is that right? Are both arms equally weak? When you say "weak" what do you mean? Can he still perform daily activities?
    The weakness in his forearms started after working out w/weights. He said they felt "really pumped" but not weak, just strange. It wasn't until the next morning that he said they felt weak. Both arms were equally weak but tonight he said the left one is weaker. He has difficulty plugging something into a socket, taking caps off bottles, peeling a banana, washing his hair, etc. No strength. He has no problems w/breathing or swallowing, no pain, no numbness or tingling, just weakness ie. lack of strength.

    He sees a neurologist tomorrow at 9 AM Los Angeles time. His anger is absolutely out of control. He's so frustrated because he can't work. He has an opportunity to go to Sweden next month for his work and he's convinced that this is going to blow it. I'm stressed to the max because he no longer talks, he just screams.

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    Medusa, how is your son today? How did his neurologist appt. go? I hope the prednisone is starting to help.
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    I keep hoping we have good news from your son - even a bit of improvement would lift his spirits.

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    I haven't heard anything yet today. He called me last night after midnight Ohio time and he was just hysterical. The dr. who filled in for the specialist was saying that it "could be" this and it "could be" that. He yelled at her and said "You're not helping me. Stop freaking me out." To top it all off, his cell phone broke because he had difficulty plugging it in to charge it due to his lack of control of his hands and he has so many calls waiting for him and to make but he had to be at the hospital at 9:00 AM, so he couldn't go to Verizon first. I told him to ask his girlfriend or one of his friends to go to Verizon and get him a new phone. He was just shrieking last night, he was so scared. I didn't get to sleep until nearly 5:00 AM and I haven't been able to eat or even go to the bathroom, I'm so stressed. I'm able to distant healings for other people and for my son, nothing. I can't calm down.

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