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Thread: what sort of comments do you get with your dog[s]?

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    what sort of comments do you get with your dog[s]?

    with me its....

    do you run a daycare? why so many?

    what a nice girl! the white fluffy boys!! esp. with pepe since all poodles are girls!

    can he see out that eye? valentino's blue eye...yes he can!!

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    I always get she's (Zoee) very pretty. Why does she have two different colored eyes? Is that common for the breed?

    And Taggart hasn't been out much to get reactions, but everyone thinks he's so cute with his head tilt.
    Our goal in life should be - to be as good a person as our dog thinks we are.

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    I always get asked if Boomer is a border collie.
    Shannon, Boomer, and Sooner

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    I always get "What type of dog is she?" (a golden doodle)
    "Benji!!" (to which I KNOW its time to groom her again)
    "Will she bite?" (only if you bite her first!)
    "How cute/pretty!"

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    trey - aaw he is so cute! woah he drools a lot. (my favorite haha!)
    Bayley - down! or shes huge!
    Kaysha - is she hypo allergenic? Is that a chihuahua? short hair for a Pomeranian, and people who guess that she is an aussie always say what a cute mini. lol I always explain that minis are way bigger than her, so are toys I usually get this face... hahaha

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    Eli's usually the only one to go in public.. and he gets "Can I pet him?" followed closely by "Is he friendly?" or "Does he bite?". Yes, I take my unfriendly dog to public places and let perfect strangers touch him. Lol. I also get "He's BIG for a Boxer." since he seems to be rather tall for the breed.

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    when its just Happy and Misty I get:
    - "Look its twins!" uuuhhhh ya ok, they look absolutly NOTHING alike, but whatever.
    -"hey are those, those sheepdogs?" I assume you mean BCs, so yes.

    just Misty:
    -*whispers to whoever they are with, while pointing* "OMG look at that gorgous dog!" mom didnt believe me till she took Misty in public one day. she believes me now lol
    -"is she a puppy?" umm no she is almost 7

    just Happy:
    -not a lot of comments, mostly its the actions that speak, people ADORE Happy. with her its more that she finds kids and she brings them out of their shell, the most recent one was where a little boy saw her and ran sceaming and and crying, I found out he had been attacked by a dog when he was younger. Happy didnt push it, the other kids contuned to play with her, the kid saw the other kids having so much fund and in about half and hour, as I was leaving this kid ran over and gave Happy and great big hug and told his mom he wanted a doggy. no comment was needed.
    -the odd comments I do get are when I stop at someone house and go inside leaving Happy in the front yard, I usually get "OMG where is she! is she going to run away? OMG OMG OMG!" meanwhile Happy is meandering lazily in their yard waiting for me lol

    just Electra:
    none..seriously, the only public comment I have had on Electra was some crazy lady calling her aggressive. that was just funny, Electra and Aggressive just dont belong in the same sentence, she is far and away the friendliest, goofiest dog I have ever owned.

    -"is the little one a puppy?" umm no, he's 6 in fact. its amazing how often I get this question. its always weird situations too, I never get the question from someone I meet on a walk, I get the comments from people stand in there yards accross the street yelling the question at me

    -usually people just comment on her harness, the odd one asking if she is a service dog. yup, that service dog of mine galloping around the dogpark, flying in behind me and grabbing the back of my jacket for a game of tug, oh ya, trained service dog there

    when I have several dogs with me:
    -"are you a dog walker?"
    -"are they all related?" umm do they LOOK related?
    Mom to:
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    I wish Mister could get postivie feedback like that
    Most people are rude to us because he is a"CHIHUAHUA"
    "How do you do it he is soo yappy.."
    Mind you he is looking up at them in his sit stay like wtf you talking bout.
    OR I must warn kids he may bite then I get a dissaproving look from adults
    Mister and I just can't win so we play with other doggies or my close friends those whom I know are good with him and he likes

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    Since ozzy got hurt i always get weird stares or peole saying "that dog needs to see a vet" yea thanks he already has!!!

    with sheeba i usually just get comments that she is pretty.

    with keesha it's always "is she a puppy?" nope she's just a smaller dog

    and of course with Eli i either get people who cross to the other side of the street or give me dirty looks but generally i get alot of comments on how gorgeous he is and of course i am always asked what breed he is. and everyone once in a while i run into the stupid teenager who tells me what a "bad a$$ pit" he is

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    Honda I always get asked if she's a puppy.... I just don't see it. She looks old to me. Lol I get that she is beautiful all the time though. Kids always say look ma, 101 dalmatians!!!!

    Remy just gets omg she's soooo adorable. I love her blah blah blah. Lol
    Monica Callahan KPA-CTP *Woohoo!*

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    The first comment is always "What a Beautiful dog" then " What is she or he ? " Because SHE is so big, 100 lb, most people assume she is a he. Adults ask if they can pet her, while kids just charge in and start petting.
    Most people assume she is safe to pet since she is wagging from one end
    to the other. It is extremely rare if we are ask if she will bite. She loves everybody and if a person walks by without reacting to her we assume they aren't dog people at all.

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    "Wow she moves so nicely."
    "She's so elegant, she moves like a princess, on her tippy-toes"
    "That dog looks like a wolf"
    "Is that a collie shepherd mix?"
    "Is that dog a border collie/chow chow/wolfdog/collie/flatcoated retriever/black shepherd/husky?"
    (When I would take a bunch of them into public with me) "Is that mom, dad, and baby?" (Usually Visa was dad, Jag was mom, and Candy was baby).
    "Are they sled dogs?" (As Visa, Jake, and Jaguar would be pulling the front of my bike and Solo would be getting pulled in a cart behind)
    "Her hair's so shiny and soft"
    I've been BOO'd!

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    About Sparky:

    "Oh - he's so cute. How do you keep him so clean and neat looking?"
    Of course this question is always asked as we're walking thru Petsmart - right after we leave the grooming salon. DUH!!! They should see him 2 or 3 weeks after - just the typical scruffy little boy!

    About Myndi:

    "Is she always that rambunctious and full of energy?"
    Yup - she's 13 and has the spunk and ambition of a pup. When she does settle down, I have to check to make sure she's not sick or hurt, since it's not typical of her to be quiet for long, except at night when she finally crashes!
    Wolfy ~ Fuzzbutt #3
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    Ellie - Mom to the Fuzzbuttz

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    Don't wait until tomorrow - the hands may then be still.
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    When I'm walking the dogs,I am happy to answer questions about them,I can talk for hours about my crew.

    I always have been asked if "Maggy" Bites..I get offended to a extent,One person was real ignorant about it,And my reply was simply,Ask Maggy...

    Lacy is the one that gets the most attention,Some have said does she ever have a pretty face,Or she is a real nice looking dog,Alot dont even know the breed..But the most questions i do get asked about her is"Why doesn't she have a tail,or What happend to her tail"(I'm sure all Aussie owners have been asked the same question"

    But when it comes to Molly,They all know her breed,With our family and friends,Molly is always there favorite.Everyone always takes favortism over that girl.
    Lacy(Australian Shepherd)Doc(Border Collie and Tessa (Border Collie[B]

    Rest Well My RB angels,Bandit,Anna and Maggy

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    Some people have asked what breed of dog Tatum is, and some people have even thought Hector is a pregnant beagle. Shawnee draws the most attention because everyone thinks she is a purebred GSD puppy.

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