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Thread: Okay...I think I'm at some point UPDATE POST 18

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    Okay...I think I'm at some point UPDATE POST 18

    I really didn't think this was bothering me, but after getting easily overwhelmed at work and having a crying spell each of the last two days, I had to admit it was bugging me more than I thought.

    Bear with me, I'll recap in point form:

    1. Went for my med exam last fall. A fibroid seemed a little big, so off I go for an ultrasound. Fine.

    2. The ultrasound tech spent a lot of time on my left side near the kidney, and asked if I had had any pain there. NONE.

    3. My Dr's office says the theory is that a fibroid is pressing on my ureter. I get referred to a urologist, for which I wait just a couple of months, and go in for my 10-minute cystoscopy. This becomes a 40-minute uncomfortable deal (a few pinchy ows that weren't fun - the rest was ok) as Dr C said my "left kidney is not draining well at all". So he put a stent in. I could see the pic on the screen above me...and could see the kink straighten out.

    4. Dr C. is referring me to a gynecologist, and has ordered a CT scan "urgent", as whatever it is (fibroid) is starting to bump into my bladder as well. Maybe it always did, but the ultrasound didn't catch it.

    So, from the research I have done, and given my age (50) a hysterectomy seems likely. At the very least, there will surgery to get this Fibroid That Ate New York out of there.

    I thankfully have had no major health problems most of my life. I had the kid things - adenoids (they were supposed to get my tonsils, but never mind ), then tonsils and also a broken leg while skating. Pneumonia when I was 1 and then 9. Everything was over before I was 10.

    Had nose surgery to help nosebleeds about 12 years ago and that has been it.

    So I am at my PT family, and my mom is going to spend more time with me - my friend Irene has been great, and my guy very supportive. I guess I better stop 'being strong' and acknowledge that this is a big change for me, and that it is taking a while to sink in. It erupts in easy tearfulness.

    Any experience you can share, I would appreciate.

    Thanks...I know I have family here too, and I have to not hold this in.
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    Are we allowed to link to other websites on here? I hope it's alright... is an awesome site for you to read. They have pre-op all the way through many years post op.

    I had to have a hysterectomy at 29, due to endometriosis. The "cysts" were huge - 20cm on my left side, and 13cm on the right side. This site was a godsend... along with dr's who are totally awesome!

    If you want to talk more, pm me... or email me I don't mind.

    I will miss you forever, my sweet Scooter Bug. You were my best friend. 9/21/1995 - 1/23/2010
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    Oh poor you! You know we are all here for you both in writing and with prayers so stop being a stoic and lean on all of us! Try not to worry and it will all get fixed soon I hope! ((((Catty))))
    Lilith Cherry
    "Love never claims, it ever gives. Love ever suffers, never resents, never revenges itself." -Mahatma Gandhi

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    I just had a hysterectomy back in Sept. for endometriosis. The dr. found a surprise fibroid during surgery but it wasn't too large or causing problems yet. I had my ovaries removed as well and I can tell you, my surgery was the easy part - getting my hormones worked out isn't (I'm 39 years old). On top of it all I've been having severe pain like a groin pull and went back to the dr. yesterday only to find out it is probably the endo returning. Great! Anyway, what kind of hyst you have will make a huge difference. I was very lucky and was able to have a LSH - total laproscopic. It was very easy on me and I was released to go back to regular life in two weeks. It took me a couple of months to get back to 100% but like I said the surgery and it's recovery was the easy part.

    I highly recommend the hystersister site. It was great help to me before, during and even now while I try to get my hormones straightened out.

    Good luck and if I can help please feel free to PM me.

    From Decker with Love

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    I have recently found out that I have three fibroids, one being close to my right ovary. This all started with some alarming bleeding on January 6th. Keep in mind I am post menopausal so this was a very alarming thing. The ultrasound found the fibroids and the doctor suspected they might be responsible for the bleeding but performed an endometrial biopsy just to be sure. When you are living with the thought of possible cancer of the uterus, having a hysterectomy was not a concern for me one bit. I just wanted it out of there if that was the case. Thank God, the biopsy was negative and the fibroid near my ovary was deemed to be the cause for the bleeding. He feels I have had the fibroids for years. Why this particular one chose to bleed after all of this time is amazing to me, although my doctor said its location (subcutaneous) is the reason. He said we don't need to do a thing about this and told me to relax. Surgery is always daunting and a bit scary. I hope the others here, who have gone through it, will be an encouragement to you.

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    I have no personal experience that I can draw on to help you but want you to know that we are all here for you and will be keeping an eye on you
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    OOOH surgery is always scary. I cant say that I really know what a Fibroid is but hopefully it is just a simple removal and you will have no other problems from that.

    Positive thoughts and prayers.... surgery is scary and recovery can be a challenge sometimes. Good luck and all the best to you.

    R.I.P my dear Sweet Teddy. You will be missed forever. We love you.

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    I'm sorry, I don't have that sort of personal experience to share. But I did have the breast mass removed last year and recall how terrifying that whole experience was, so I can relate to your emotional ups and downs. You can stop being strong, we will do if for you. If you ever need to vent, talk, cry, scream know that I am here for you. I send you a great big HUG and Sasha sends some delicate doggie kisses.
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    I had fibroid surgery a couple of years ago and the MD removed 20 fibroids (I was told that the biggest was the size of a baseball). The surgery part of it wasn't "fun" and it took me awhile to fully recover but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. Life is so much better after the fibroids were removed! If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

    (Remember you are entitled to a second opinion if you want)

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    I don't know much about these things, but I hope there's no reason to be concerned. If you do need an operation, remember they're used to doing it very day, and they're very skillful. Try not to worry.

    Wishing you all the best!

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    I started having tumors when I was 18 (I'm now 54). It was routine for me. Believe me, I truly understand your feelings. My doctor told me that there was only one way to find out if it's malignant (99% of the tumors ARE non-cancerous), via biopsy.

    After so many years of those suckers, I was given the hysterectomy option. No more monthly periods, PMS, cramps or bloating?????

    SIGN ME UP!!!!

    I had it when I was 45 and have never regretted it. The first 2 weeks are the worst. But then you notice getting your energy back a little at a time.

    I'm here for you. I have free calls to Canada. PM me with your number and we can talk.



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    (((((((hugs, Candace)))))) No wonder you have been emotional! I'm glad you now know what is going on and your doctor is getting right to taking care of it! My sister had endometriosis really bad and several surgeries ... one was "emergency". Finally she had a hysterectomy and hasn't had any problems since! Please don't hesitate to draw on your friends here for support!

    Kim Loves Cats and Doggies Too!

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    My friend Barbara (cat person but not a Pet Talk person) had a hysterectomy because of a different (not endo) problem, and she said to me ... "this hotel ain't accepting guests, never has, never will, so why not tear it down?"

    A different perspective on the matter!

    You'll be in our prayers, of course!

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    I had my hyst when I was 30 - endometriosis and fibroids. That was 37 years ago. Have I missed it? Not even once!!

    Facing any surgery is scary, but use your resources - those of us here, and your friends and family.

    Be positive - you will be fine.

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    I know just how you're feeling. I had a total hyst. for fibroids 1 1/2 years ago. Same thing - one was pressing on my bladder. (I had a cystoscopy too - and was in tears in pain- the nurse said "It doesn't usually hurt patients at all" Duh. It was the worst part of this whole thing.) I was really scared at first - I've never had surgery, wondered how it would be, what would happen nex, etc. That hystersister web site is a great place - I spent a lot of time on it getting answers to questions. I am SO HAPPY I went through with it. I feel at least twenty years younger! (Isn't that good news?) And no problems afterwards. I spent a lot of my recovery time on PT, LOL!

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