ok, so since i have to wait for the dishwasher guy to come and i do not have to be to work til 1230pm i decided to post SOME pics of ALL my babies.. so with out further a do here are my BABIES!!!

here is MIkey ( he is the RES)summer of 2007 we were cleaning there tank and we decided to let them out..

here is Ralphie on his blankie

here is Baby "T" and Spunky on there day out.

here is our Finches, Lilo and Stitch.. we have only had them since the first of the month.. aww

here is SnowWhite, this is when they were all in the same cage

snowwhite again, she is the dwarf hamster

here is Jasmine and Cinderella ( ps i woke them up for this pic LOL)

awww my cinderella and jasmine shhh sleepy time.