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Thread: California is a zoo!

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    California is a zoo!

    I love living in Cah Lee Fuh Nee Ah!

    In the last three months I have seen-
    Cows, roadrunners, Canadian Geese (we do have to tighten up the borders! ) ducks, llamas, goats, horses, crows, eagles and a ton of other animals that i have forgotten!

    In Orange County CA there is a office building complex with a lake in between the buildings and there are about 250 ducks that live in the area!

    Today I went to a fishery where they raise trout.

    There are four troughs that are about 300 yards long and about 5 yards wide, side by side that have so many fish in them you cannot see the bottom.

    For 25 cents you can buy a handful of food to toss into the water...
    Those suckers almost jumnp out of the water.....when they see you approach the tanks they jump in anticipation of getting a treat!

    Did I mention the dolphins that surf in the waves?


    Sometimes when I really get down about living out here with all the problems I remember seeing all the animals I have and it makes me smile and say a prayer how lucky we are to still see nature.
    The secret of life is nothing at all
    -faith hill

    Are you trying to punk my abuelita?

    I laugh, therefore? I am.

    No humans were hurt during the posting of this message.

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    I count myself very lucky. I've started a job in a shopping plaza with a pond in the center. There are always a load of mallards there and one goose that seems to THINK he's a duck There are carp and I've see wild turkey and coyote's out the back way. We always amuse ourself and our customers when out of no where you hear..QUACK QUACK they are gossiping out there...always good for a chuckle in the middle of a quiet day

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