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Thread: New From California!!

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    New From California!!

    Hi guys!!

    I am new here , I have a puppy who is about 8-9 months old and is named Pepperoni ,we got her when she was a really young puppy and this is our first doggy

    Oh and I am trying to start a dog treat business.. but of course I need money to start it(Still in school , and don't worry! I don't pay the bills)

    Anyways , thanks and I look foward to meeting you all

    -ali N Peppy

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    Hi and welcome to Pet Talk! I have a dog too and his name is Duke. I bet everyone will love to see a pic of Pepperoni! What breed is he? Anyway, welcome and this site can be addicting! lol
    Thank you so much for my siggy, kittycats_delight!

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    Hellow, and welcome to !
    Trust me, you are talking to an Pet Talk addict!
    We would LOVE some pics of your dog!

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    Pepperoni is a totally mix.. Maybe PitBull/Shepherd? Maybe Greyhound/Shepherd? Who know!

    Thanks guys! ooh I see some familiar names!

    Thanks again! looking for pics too!


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    Welcome, and let's see your dog!

    This site is lots of fun!

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