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Thread: Sewing letters

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    Sewing letters

    Any ideas how I might sew letters into fabric? Like, not really small, but not huge. I figure doing it by hand would take forever, but can you do stuff like that with a sewing machine??

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    Draw it on in pencil, then trace it using a contrasting color thread and a zigzag stitch.

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    Or you can buy the letters in Michael's or a sewing shop. I get the ones wtih the sticky back, you iron them in place, then zigzag stitch the edges. (The glue won't hold long with washing, it is meant to hold them in place while you sew.) This also gives more of a 3D effect. And as I have NO talent at freehand, that is how I do it.

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    Thanks, I'll try that

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    Can you embroider? That's what I would do. It's easy and pretty.
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    Not sure what that is? It's my moms sewing machine so I'm not too sure what it's capable of

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    Some really fancy sewing machines will do it for you but otherwise you'll have to take it to an embroidering company if you want it to look really professional. I've found it takes some practice to do it nicley by hand but craft stores do have iron on or sew on letters you can buy.

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