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Thread: Sewing - Notions Help

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    Sewing - Notions Help

    Any sewing fans out there? Can you help a non-sewer out?
    Bobcat has several heavy duty sweatshirts (he lives in them during these Alaskan winters). They are all in great shape except for the ribbing in the collars and cuffs. They are split and frayed. He loves these shirts so we don't want to get rid of them. Do they make replacement cuffs and collars that we could buy and sew on them? Anybody ever heard of such a thing? Or do you have to buy the ribbing material and make it yourself? (Which I'll never do because I don't need that much fabric).

    Thanks for your help. I don't sew myself after a childhood traumatic event where we had to make doll clothes with the Girl Scouts. (Yes, I'm getting therapy).

    Here he is modeling one of his favorites. Someone asked me once if I had embroidered the moose on the front. AS IF!
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    I will see if my mom can call my aunt and ask her if no one gives you an answer.

    My aunt embroiders for a living and has a hug room full of supplies/machines to do such in her home. She has done a lot of stuff similar to his favorite pictured.

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    In many fabric stores, you can buy replacement cuffs in different colors. I can look around my neck of the woods if you cannot find any near you ...

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    They sell them in most fabric stores. They generally come in a roll a lot of the time and then you just turn the shirt inside out, sew it on with a stretch stitch, and you are done. To make sure it fits well just unpick the stitching from the old one, take it off and use it to measure the new one.

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    Thanks guys. I can use all the help I can get. I don't want to buy a whole bunch of fabric and pay someone to make them. But, maybe I don't know what to look for. I've tried these websites without any luck.

    Karen, that would be great if you can find them locally. I'll pay for them and the shipping. If you find them online somewhere, please let me know. I tried a couple of local stores and they told me that they had black and white and that's it. But they didn't carry them in stock.
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